1-Introduction-A Time Like No Other

Introduction-A  Time Like No Other

No other passages in Scripture has been more talked about in end time Bible Prophecy than those dealing with the Mark of the Beast. In decoding the mark, some of the Bible’s deepest mysteries are revealed.

In this report the passages dealing with the Mark of the Beast are decoded as much as possible as one can unravel them in looking forward to a time that is yet future but not far off.

As the technologies have advanced they have helped to provide the full meaning of the prophetic Scriptures that relate to technological advances.  There are a few areas that remain grey and these are highlighted in this commentary.  This work provides a detailed analysis and status report of the Mark of the Beast and its road to fulfillment.  It is based on a good deal of research from government entity‚Äôs to leading university‚Äôs and renown publications.

What stands out is how close we are to the start of the Tribulation. If you are a Christian, there is little time left to serve the Savior. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal savior, now is the time to know Him to escape the horrors of what lies ahead.

In case you are not familiar with end time Bible Prophecy, the prophetic writings in Scripture takes you into the throne room of the Almighty God and you see a glimpse of Him like you do not see anywhere else in the Bible. Bible Prophecy crosses the time and dimension barriers.  What becomes evident is the Spiritual world and its warfare. The battle of the ages, which ends at Armageddon.  You see the many parallels of Jesus and the Antichrist and these culminate during the reign of the Antichrist and with the implementation of the Mark of the Beast

The time will be like none other, as along with the unleashing of God’s judgements, the world is under the rule of the very son Satan himself- the only man in the Bible with a number for a his name and for reasons revealed in this report.

If you are living during the early tribulation and have come across this report, may it give you all the information that you are seeking.

Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast  Purchase on Amazon or follow numbers 1-62 to read or view for free.  You will need to take each section and type it into the search to retrieve the article.

What is the Mark of the Beast-2
Bible Prophecy Predicts End Time Technological Breakthroughs-3
Antichrist Honors Technology god For Good Reason-4
The Mark of the Beast More Than Just A Payment Device-5
Key Mark of the Beast Passage in Bible Prophecy-6
The Image of the Beast is Here-7
The False Prophet’s Fire From Heaven-A Holograph?-8
The Mark and Image of the Beast Guarantee Hell-9
Solving the Revelation 13:18 Riddle

I.                 Here is wisdom-10

II.              For it is the number of a man-11

III.            Why a number for a name-12

IV.            His number is 666-13

V.              666 is the ultimate idolatry-14

VI.            The Beast-idolatry-currency and gold-15

VII.          Numerology of gold represents the heavenly or idolatry-16

10   The Mark of the Beast Meets Geopolitics-17
11.The Seed of Satan & Immortality-Garden of Eden’s DNA Changing Trees-18

I.                 The DNA changing tree of the knowledge of good and evil vs. tree of life-19

II.               The DNA changing tree of the knowledge of good and evil-20

III.            The seed of Satan-the change of man‚Äôs DNA-21

IV.            The serpent in the garden-a Satan possessed snake-22

V.              When seed of Satan changed man‚Äôs DNA Angel of Death and Hades appeared-23

VI.            The tree of life supercharges man‚Äôs DNA to immortality-24

VII.          Gold and DNA-its relation revealed in the garden of Eden-25

VIII.       Is the mark of the Beast a DNA change?-26
Technology That Fits the Mark of the Beast-27

I.                 You‚Äôll have a choice between a brain or a hand chip-28

II.              Radio frequency tattoo eerily fits mark of the beast‚Äôs description-29

III.            Solving the riddle ‚Äďcounting the number of his name-30

IV.            Jesus warns of life in the Antichrist‚Äôs police state-31

V.              The Antichrist will give you two choices for the mark-32
The Image of the Beast-The Siege of Jerusalem-33

I.                 Run from the mark of the Beast to the mountains-34

II.              Mass betrayals against those who refuse to take the mark of the Beast-35

III.            Torture and death for those who don‚Äôt take the mark of the Beast-36

IV.            1290 days of Daniel-30 days of bowl judgements-37

V.              Possible reasons for the battle of Armageddon-38

VI.            The cataclysmic end of the world and return of Christ-39
The Technology god In the Book of Daniel-40

I.                 The technology god and it‚Äôs prophets-41

II.              The technology gods teachings, buzzwords and mark of the Beast-42

III.            Miracles duplicated by technology god-43
The Technology Tower of Babel-44

I.                 Two towers of Babel that reach to the Heavens CERN and FAST-45

II.              The Antichrist will head technology Tower of Babel-46

III.            Funding For Babel‚Äôs mark of the Beast in place-47
Parallel Dimensions-48

I.                 Parallel Universe-The God of the Bible-49

II.              Parallel Universe-demons and angels in the Revelation-50

III.            Parallel Universe-understood by a child-51

IV.            The Parallel dimension connects with the physical world-52

V.              Antichrist via technology will mimic the Holy Trinity-53
Quantum Computers-666 the Image and Mark of the Beast-54

I.                 D-Wave and Demons-The Bible-Demons are in the idols-55

II.              Quantum Computers-its link to Satan and 666-56

III.            Nebuchadnezzar‚Äôs Image of Cubits Vs. Quantum Computer‚Äôs Qubits-57

IV.            IV. The Revelation‚Äôs Fractal Sequence -777 vs. 666 and Quantum Computing-58

Taking the Mark of the Beast-The Unforgivable Sin of Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit-59

I.                 Abomination of Desolation-Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-60

II.              The Mysterious Restrainer Removed Via Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-61

III.            666 The Number of  Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit-62

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