10 Facts that Prove the Roman Empire Revived


The Bible’s accuracy is astounding,  both the books of Daniel and the Revelation line up and provide details about the revived Roman Empire that is the 6th, 7th and 8th head on the Whore of Babylon with the 7th and 8th head forecast for during the Tribulation.   
In the book of Daniel we are taken to the Babylonian captivity with Daniel being a prisoner of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel was one of Israel’s best and brightest and for this reason was educated by the Chaldeans and captured to serve in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. (Daniel 1:4)
The Babylonian invasion of Israel was a major event to effect Israel and fulfill Prophecy, it ended the Kingdom period in Israel and Solomon’s Temple was sacked. Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that disturbed him and Daniel’s ability to both tell the King what he dreamed along with provide its interpretation led Daniel to prominence in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. 
We see in the book of Daniel an overview of world history, from the time of the Babylonian captivity of Israel. Through Nebuchadnezzar’s dream God foretells what will happen to the Babylonian empire and lead to the end of the world and the coming of Christ’s kingdom.
The conquest of the Babylonian empire by the Medes and Persians and then by the Greeks is foretold.  Daniel next provides the details of the final empire in its final form because its strength supersedes the strength at its first arrival and at its second it ushers in the time of the end.
The empires are compared to wild animals. This history also includes a detailed forecast for the future empire that will usher in the end of the age. In the Revelation we see the Beast of Daniel composite, within the Beast of Revelation that the Whore rides, which includes the Beasts described in the book of Daniel.  Combined they are the same Beast, but in the Revelation they are shown with seven to eight heads.
The first fact is that Rome appears in three of the eight heads being the empire that was referenced to when the Revelation was given to the apostle John and with two heads that are yet future. Scholars have identified the heads as:
1. Egypt
2. Assyria
3. Babylon
4. Medo Persia
5. Greece
6. Rome
 Revelation 18:9-10 affirms:
9 “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. 10 There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. 
The ‚Äúone is‚ÄĚ at the time of John‚Äôs writing was Rome.¬†
7. Revived Rome -The Bible points to the fact that Revived Rome exists in the future first half of Tribulation-the hint here comes from Revelation 6:6,‚ÄĚA quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius. ‚Äú
The measurement given in the currency of the Roman Empire at the time of John while foretelling a plague during the Tribulation.
8. Revived Rome-The emergence of the eighth head beginning the  second the half of tribulation after the Antichrist dies and comes back to life when Satan himself enters into him.
In the book of Daniel we see the Roman Empire forecast as ‚Äúthe Prince of the people that shall come who shall destroy the city and the sanctuary,‚ÄĚ which we know to be the Romans under Titus.
The second reference in the book of Daniel is the little horn that arises from the four horns or one of the four generals who Alexander’s kingdom was divided between after his death.  As stated in an earlier chapter, one of the generals: Cassander took Macedon, which was later taken by the Romans and became a Roman province in 146 BC. 
The Roman Empire divided into East and West with the capital moved to Constantinople, which is Istambul in Turkey. One of Alexander’s four generals; Seleucus, took Syria Babylon, Persia and India. For these reasons some say the interpretation of the Whore of Babylon is the literal land of Babylon, and the revived roman empire is going to occur in the Middle East. They state it will be a revival of the Ottoman Empire and we will see a worldwide Caliphate.   But none of this fits geopolitically or lines with many of the prophetic Scriptures, which are discussed in this book.
One of the Bible commentators stated that in the Bible’s view, the Roman Empire never really passed out of existence and he stated how it existed in varying forms throughout history.  This really comes to life when you visit Rome and see that it is an ancient city with the Roman Empire’s buildings and temples still standing. While visiting Rome I was struck by the accuracy of the Bible’s portrayal. So much of the early Roman Empire still stands.  The Roman roads are all intact and they still are used as walkways and roadways throughout all of Rome.  They even surround the Vatican.  
You feel the somberness over the circus fields  where Christians were murdered on Paladin and Vatican Hill. Paladin was the home of the emperors at the time of Christ and the apostles. The Circus Maximus was the first and largest stadium in Ancient Rome that could accommodate 150 thousand spectators.
The remnants of the Holy Roman Empire are everywhere in Rome. The prophet Daniel focuses on the revived Roman Empire in its final form, which we are already seeing more than the beginnings of it in unfolding end time Bible Prophecy.  While attending  the forum Europe fights back and  taking part in the heavily guarded March for Europe that ended at the Colosseum and walking the Roman Roads that were laid by the Romans over two centuries earlier, I  saw with my own eyes that the Roman Empire physically did not pass out of existence and has been revived through the European Union, which is moving forward and evolving toward the form we see in the book of Daniel and the Revelation.  Seeing  it all before my eyes I could not help but feel in awe of the precision in the Bible’s description. 
The Roman Empire had not completely passed out of existence and has always existed in some form until the formation of the EU, which is evolving  into its final form that will usher in the second  coming of Jesus Christ.
 Throughout history various leaders wanted to revive the power and glory of the Old Roman Empire and in the late 80’s with the formation of the EU’s common market EU politicians spoke the same words that they wanted the EU to become powerful and reclaim the power of the Old Roman Empire.
FACT NO. 5 The Roman Empire Lines Perfectly with Revelation 17 and 18’s description of the Whore of Babylon
In the prophetic writings we see the lack of the time element that man lives by, as if past present and future are viewed as one and the same. We see this in the depiction of the Beast with the seven to eight heads with each of the heads representing a ruler. The final Beast is a composite of all of the Beasts. The Whore of Babylon who rides the Beast, is a depiction of the idolatrous and blasphemous dimension of the various empires and especially of the Roman.
The Vatican with its wealth and treasures and home to every imaginable Greek and Roman God, along with Egyptian, Assyrian and even Babylonian religious symbols.  As if right out of the Bible, it sits over Nero’s circus, which soil was stained by the blood of the Saints. In Rome for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, EU leaders met with the Pope at the Vatican and signed the Rome agreement in which they agreed to go forward  with greater unity. The Whore riding the Beast.
The EU is an empire as affirmed by former Commission President Manuel Barroso.  It is already a strong and powerful economic power and the political dimension is already there but still evolving. They recently built the command center for their own army.
FACT NO. 7  The Ten King Institutional Structure described in the book of Daniel and in the Revelation is a characteristic of the European Union.
The Bible states, the kings give their nations to the Beast. This non imperial empire, which has never happened in history and it was formed to prevent world war from taking place on its continent.  It is a 20thcentury geopolitical first that was predicted in the books of Daniel and Revelation two thousand plus years ago.
At the EU’s 60thanniversary leaders decided to go forward with a multi speed Europe with those nations who wish to go forward ahead of the others having the ability to do so and this possibly giving birth  to the final 10 king structure we see in the book of Daniel and the Revelation. 
FACT NO. 8 The Ten Kings of the EU-which will be the reigning power with the Antichrist these kingdoms did not come into existence until the last couple of hundred years. 
Of the 196 Nations that exist, many formed in the 1900’s; 168 formed in the 1900’s with a couple forming in the 1700’s, the US formed in 1776 and a couple originating in the 2000’s. The remainder are divided between earlier dates and dates in the 1800’s.   Israel became a nation in 1948 and is part of nation state trend of modern times.
FACT NO. 9  The European Union is an economic powerhouse
This is a major characteristic of the final world empire detailed in Revelation 17 and 18 and also in the books of Ezekiel in the accounts of Tyre and the king of Babylon. Babylon and Tyre were economic hubs which is what lent to their power.
FACT NO. 10  Two major prophetic events occurred within 3 years of each other
The forming of the nation state of Israel happened in 1948 and three years later the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which was the birth of the EU also formed. This became official at the signing of the Rome Treaty on Capitoline Hill in 195. Amidst the trend of the nation state would begin this non imperial empire whereby the nation states would find strength in unity and prevent war on their continent.  In retaining their nationalities and culture, it would also fulfil the prediction of the clay mired in with the steel toes and the clay being identified in Bible Prophecy as the seed of men which is the weakness amidst its strength.

Finally, the Catholic Church played a part in the formation of the European Union and in its evolution which we will look at in the next chapter. 

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