10 Kings of Revelation and Daniel Forming Now! -EU Draft Report

Today I am going to report on a draft report on possible evolution of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union.

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs first published this draft in July of 2016 and issued further amendments in November, this came as a response to the financial crisis, the migrant crisis, BREXIT, return of nationalism, and now since the election of Donald Trump, the urgency for the EU’s own defense capability. 

What I always have stated is that despite the negative reporting in the media of the EU and the belief that it is going to fall apart, the EU continues to move.  Many of the actions that are taken behind the scenes to remedy the EU’s problems are not even reported on in the media. This draft report aims to revamp the structure of the EU’s institutions into a governmental structure that will correct some of the current road blocks that EU is encountering that prevent it from moving forward. 

What I want to highlight in this this article and video is that the report possibly outlines what may be the ten nation federation we see in the Revelation, and in the book of Daniel which will be the institutional structure of the EU in its final form and at the height of its power. 

 The EU has 27 to 28 members and with so many members, decision making has been difficult, the EU has talked for several decades at least of going forward with an inner core of members to help get past this impasse and the there had been a provision about members having the ability to forge these agreements among themselves and go forward in uniting in any area they wished. This could very well be how the inner core would come about of the ten nations, but this draft processes another possibility of how the ten nation group will come about.

Within the current European Council are 28 members and there is a rotating  six month presidency and a president who resides over the Council who is elected for two and a half years. The Council also includes the Commission president.  The draft talks about doing away abolishing article 15 (1) which establishes this and integrating the European Council into what would be called a Council of States and replace the six month rotating presidency with “a system of permanent chairs chosen from their midst: suggests that the idea of creating a special law Council should be favorably considered.  

Thus within the Council of States could be the ten kings the Bible speaks about and forecasts.

It is suggested that the convention to begin this intergovernmental process for a treaty change should begin on the 60th anniversary of Rome,  and according to Euractiv Italian foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni suggested setting up an “inner circle” of core members to reset the EU, so if this draft proposal is not the way this ten king core will occur, it is already proposed another way, so we can expect to see this development and piece of the prophetic puzzle begin to fall into place in 2017.

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