10 Ways Trump Tanked America-Not How You Think

All Trump supporters believe that Donald Trump has made America first.  The truth is that Donald Trump just tanked America. The US was just knocked out of first place. The EU just moved ahead of the United States. Given a view to Donald Trump’s policy and following EU news and chatter I was tuning into, I stated that Donald Trump’s presidency was going to cause a geopolitical seismic shift and move the EU forward.  It did. He also successfully moved the US out of its number one spot in world affairs.  

60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

 I was in Rome at the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in 2017 at a conference of the Spinelli Group- a very influential group of EU federalists- and heard the speech of EU heavy weight Elmar Brock who I also had the pleasure of meeting.  In it he credited Donald Trump among others as being a founder of the New Europe due to his anti-EU anti globalist policy.  While the anti-globalists thought that pulling the US out of global institutions was a good idea. In part to keep Bible Prophecy from happening, they helped usher in the geopolitical shift predicted on my YouTube Channel.

Before I give you the straight facts of what happened, I want to tell you that COVID provided me as a journalist valuable access to Zoom meeting with high level Europhiles and US politicians in areas relating to the EU and trade.  Below is a compilation of my own reporting in the past four years as well as information picked up in those meetings.

So during Trump’s presidency here is what happened:

  1.  The EU took a swipe at the dollar. After the Trump issued more Iran sanctions which inadvertently affected Germany companies. The EU issued in May of 2018 a Commission Recommendation on the international role of the euro in the field of energy for the member states to stop using dollars and to report to the Commission on their progress.
  2. When the EU launched its COVID Recovery Fund a portion of the Recovery funds will come from taxes on EU tech company’s and the US paying fines for violating EU Green rules. The US is directly going to help fund Europe’s COVID recovery.
  3. The 2020 EU directive on batteries is protectionist and will make batteries that do not conform to EU rules more expensive in the EU market pricing US companies, which do not comply to their laws out of the market. Manufacturing increase in the US that might have resulted from Trump policy in batteries, would essentially be squashed by EU law.
  4. The EU signed eight major record-breaking trade pacts to Donald Trump‚Äôs two. China just signed 14. 
  5. China just surpassed the US as the EU‚Äôs leading trading partner; this is because the US economy was so negatively affected by COVID.  The EU and US account for about 40% of world GDP.
  6. The EU is now leading in the world organizations that Trump pulled the US out from. In the World Health Organization, the EU spearheaded the call for a new global protocol for Pandemics.   It also is seeking to require new rules for global trade through the WTO.
  7. For the talk on Fox about globalist Joe Biden, The EU signed an investment deal with China and snubbed Joe Biden‚Äôs request to be a part of it.  The EU is its own empire and its leaders such as the EU‚Äôs Council President Charles Michel has made it clear they are moving forward in their strength and for their own interests, as an equal.  This was made clear by the snub to Biden.
  8. The EU considers itself the winner of the empire that handled COVID the best and will also take the lead in economic recovery.  It is launching its green deal which will spur economic growth. Even with Biden‚Äôs jumping back into the Paris Accords and launching a green deal here in the US, EU Trade Experts estimate that it will take the US two years under Biden to catch up to their green Deal. This means they will experience robust economic growth while the US stagnates.
  9. The EU has made it clear that even with Biden being pro NATO, they will make it clear to him they are going forward with their own defense.
  10. The EU just signed the Digital Services Act, which is going to shake up the internet as we know it. It will hold platforms accountable for fake news content. It will levy hefty fines from 6% to 10% of profits. With the insurrection that just happened at the Capital, they are going to amend the law even further.   EU leaders are not happy that Twitter, Facebook and Google took it upon themselves to ban Donald Trump, this they agree should be done at the government level.  Donald Trump‚Äôs proposed new platform will be silenced in Europe for its fake facts. Fake news and conspiracy theories reared their ugly fruit in Europe first, which is in part the reason for this part of the law.

So Donald Trump did not make America great again, if anything his America First policy just tanked the United States and the EU just surpassed America.