2017 Year in Review in Bible Prophecy

2017 was an eventful year in Bible Prophecy news and it was marked by key events.   Here is the year’s recap broken up by category of areas of watch in Bible Prophecy.

United States in Bible Prophecy

2017 marked the early days of the Trump presidency and early on he embraced the far right within the European Union. This would have an impact on the Revived Roman Empire in 2017.   Anti EU Ted Malloch who was reported to be appointed as Donald Trump’s EU ambassador and he was making waves by stating that he helped take down one union and it was time to help bring down another one referring to the EU. He erroneously predicted the end of the EU and euro, on the contrary the opposite happened.
In early  2017 US democrats were trying to figure ways to impeach Donald Trump and the US Press became obsessed with reporting negative Trump news.

 Donald Trump went and met EU leaders and the Trump- Macron handshake dominated the news when Macron gripped Trump’s hand in an iron grip. Trump demanded countries pay their fair share in NATO and pulled out of the Climate Agreement. Vice President Frederica Mogherini in response called the EU the “only credible” global power.

The US sanctioned Russia for meddling in its affairs, which was never proven and the House and Senate tied Trump’s hands by a bill that would stop him from normalizing relations with Russia.  In response to more sanctions Russia promised it would take aim at the US dollar and both cut their diplomatic staff at embassies.  Germany and  the EU Commission president voiced their being against these sanctions, which also would hurt EU interests. China also knocked out the petrodollar by trading oil in yauns. While most Americans were not paying attention, the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is being further wittled away and this time in response to its own reckless policies.

 Israel in Bible Prophecy

Israel the center of all Bible Prophecy by divine providence came to the center of world affairs in 2017.

The US pulled out of the UN’s anti Israel UNESCO, but even greater that that decision, US PresidentDonald Trump made an unprecedented move by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and stating that the embassy in Tel Aviv would be moved.  This created a firestorm. The EU followed by saying it might recognize Jerusalem for both Israel and the Palestinians.   This move, which went against public opinion and the world consensus of a two -state solution would pave the way for the future Treaty that begins the Tribulation, which will guarantee Israel’s peace and also for the building of the Third Temple.  The year ended with the US receiving both condemnation and a vote against by the UN, both which were rebuffed by the US.  

The EU in Bible Prophecy-The Revived Roman Empire

EU Council President Donald Tusk announced Donald Trump as a threat to the EU block and this would effect its move forward in 2017.
 The Eurozone economy to everyone’s surprise outshined the United States.  BREXIT talks formally began.
March 24 was the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, where EU leaders committed to greater union. During a forum on that day titled, “Europe Fights Back”, EU Elmar Brok MEP and Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs during his speech stated that, “Putin, Trump, Wilders and LePen were the founders of the New Europe.”

One year after BREXIT EU Vice President Frederica Mogherini announced concerning an EU army that it was now time to get things done. She stated that EU citizens want an EU army and affirmed that the EU was now beyond collapse. She announced that the EU now had its first command center and it came together in record speed. EU leaders hailed the historic step in defense cooperationwith France and Germany making join proposals for the future of Europe, but making defense the number one priority.

The EU continued to show its strength when the European Commission approved the bailout of the Monte dei Paschi bank whose failings dominated the news a year earlier.

In EU elections in 2017. EU Parliament President Martin Schulz left the EU Parliament to run against Angela Merkel in the German elections.

Euro federalist Macron won the French elections and soon the French papers were comparing Macron to the Roman god Jupiter.  At Macron’s inauguration he had the EU Anthem played and essentially won on a pro EU platform. Angela Merkel followed his path and also considered EU reforms for a US of Europe.  Merkel won the German elections.

And while US was talking bilateral trade deals with the EU the EU signed an historic trade deal with Japan.

 In BREXIT the process began for the moving of the EU agencies such as the European Banking authority and the European Medicines Agency and more, costing London 48k jobs.
 As North Korea now threatened to wipe the US off of the face of the earth, EU think tanks began to discuss a European Nuclear weapons program.
Confidence in the European Union was growing.  The EU then took a historic step, which they stated was a bad day for their enemies and signed a Joint Agreement for their defense and called for greater defence buildup.
On November 13, 23 EU Countries signed a Collective Defense Treaty essentially launching an EU army.  Meanwhile the EU economy performed better than expected and Brussels united all religious groups. The new found army might conduct its first mission.

10 Nation Division of Revived Roman Empire

During the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the EU committed to a multi speed Europe also known as a two speed Europe. In September, on the EU front, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a multi speed Europe, this is another term for nations going ahead of the others in core areas to help move the EU forward and which matches perfectly the ten king division we see in its final form depicted in the books of Daniel and the Reveation.

Whore of Babylon in Revived Roman Empire

On the eve of the Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome,  Pope Francis met with EU leaders at the Vatican and supported a federal union of the European Union, which means a union along the lines of the United States. He also spoke out endorsing Climate Change as man-made. Pope Francis stated that the Climate Change deniers will be judged. The Pope also spoke in Favor of a two -state solution for Israel.   His policies essentially endorse a liberal EU Empire. Pope Francis also changed a line in the Lord ’s Prayer given by Jesus.

Nation Rising Against Nation-Signs of the End Times

North Korea raised its feathers against the United States and threatened to fire a nuke for Donald Trump’s inauguration. The conflict between the US and North Korea escalated and China and Russia sent ships to the region with the threat of nuclear war looming. Russian bombers flew close to Alaska and China put its bombers on alert.

North Korea fires its first intercontinental ballistic missile-a missile that could reach Alaska. Hawaii residents were told to prepare for nuclear attack. In July North Korea tested another missile and boasted that a missile was now in range of the United States.

The threats from North Korea to the US continued to heighten. Japan announced that the North Korea threat is critical and imminent. North Korea launched another missile test and this time announced it could reach all of the US mainland.  An expert stated that North Korea’s latest missile is unstoppable, and North Korea warned that nuclear was close.

Escalation of violence (As were the days of Noah) Signs of the End Times

Meanwhile terrorist attacks escalated. 2017 would be marked by:
The far right rally in Virginia and the rise of the radical left-Antifa
The Driver who drove into a crowd at Times Square
The Manchester Concert Bombing
The London stabbing and vehicle attacks.
G-20 protesters protest for the sake of protesting.
The UK raised its terror threat level to imminent.
 Sweden, which was one of the world’s safest countries is now quite dangerous.
 In October, the deadliest shooting took place in US history in Las Vegas, killing 50 and injuring 515 people.
 In November, the Texas church shootings, which left 26 dead would be called the worst in the State’s history.
Along with the increased violence in society are reports of unspeakable animal cruelty. Sadly a Bull actually committed suicide after a man set its horns on fire.

 Signs in Weather and Nature Signs of the End Times

As more record breaking flooding occurred in rivers, US Glacier national park lost more glaciers with just 26 remaining of 150.
Shocking golf sized hail slammed Istanbul and storms triggered major flooding. Mysterious craters appeared in Russia.
Unprecedented fires burned in Iceland
Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with record flooding.
 Hurricane Irma was so powerful it measured on devises used to measure earthquakes and turned the Caribbean into piles of rubble.  On top of Irma, Katia became the third hurricane to threaten the US in six days.
On top of Katia came hurricane Jose, which strengthened to a category 4.  Irma caused historic flooding in Jacksonville with residents told to ‘get out now’.
 A report was issued that there are now 400 extreme weather events every year, four times as many as 1970.
In one week in 2017 extreme weather was occurring literally around the globe.
Mexico got hit by an 8.2 earthquake, the strongest to hit in a century and it triggered a Tsunami. That month as this was reported, the Mexican earthquake triggered mysterious bright lights that flashed across the country.
Cat 5 Hurricane Maria did mind boggling damage to Dominica, its leader stated.  From Dominica Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico with a force never seen in history leaving the entire Island without power.

One of the worst natural disasters in California history raged, the California fires.

Scarlet fever baffled scientists as it went on the rise.
Super malaria spread in South East Asia and Spanish honey production dropped.

 As Was the Days of Lot-Escalation of Sexual and other Sin-Signs of the End Times

Sex change operations hit a new level with a mother and son becoming father and daughter.  Signs of the times continued with a Santa Cruz brain surgeon the next to be labelled a child rapist. And Australian police charge a Vatican cardinal with sex offense.  Vatican cops busted a drug fueled gay orgy at a Cardinal’s apartment.

Migrant sex crimes soared in Germany.

A 90,000 strong porn ring was busted on the “dark web.”The US charged 412 in health fraud schemes.

Australia reported forced migration of children to Australia a bigger sex abuse scandal than Jimmy Savile.

An Ohio factory owner reported having many jobs but few sober applicants.

A California state prosecutor was charged with child pornography.

In Norwalk, CT  the Feds indicted doctors on selling drugs.

In response to the world’s wickedness, was a week of extreme weather around the globe.

Extreme weather gave rise to fraud during hurricane Katrina and other scams.
Scotlands drug deaths hit the highest in the EU.
2017 saw the increase of suicides.
2017 also became the year of the abomination of Basic Income defying Biblical principles of work, being tried including within the United States.  And in July we saw universal Basic Income tried in Finland.   In December Canada began paying its citizens Basic Income.

Ezekiel 38 War

In August we saw hundreds of Russian Combat troops posted at Quneitra across from the Golan, Russia, Turkey and Iran unite to help end Syrian war, which is a prelude to the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.

Technology-Mark of the Beast

We also saw companies begin to microchip employees as happened in the US at a Wisconsin firm and in company’s in Europe trying other variations.

 In the area of technology 2017 became the year of gene editing with human Embryo’s edited for the first time. A Chinese team announced its first DNA editing intervention.

On the technology front, Facial recognition gained ground in Europe. On the technology front came the Holy Grail microchip that might surpass the power of the human brain, and also in 2017 came the  announcement of neural lace for brain technology.

 In September, Vladimir Putin came out and stated that the country that perfects AI will be ruler of the world.

There was also major developments in robotics with the appearance of Sophie who was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia, and the more advanced worm robot that can squeeze into small holes and turn corners.

Another major technological development was that the first church of AI was officially formed, which might give rise to the false prophet.

 Big Blow to the Islamic Caliphate as Beast of Revelation

2017 also became the year that the Islamic Beast of Revelation Theory was proven false with news of ISIS’s Caliphate crumbled as its foreign fighters fled.

2017 was an eventful year in End Time Bible Prophecy and we can expect to see more events in 2018 as we draw closer to the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation.

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