26- Is The Mark of the Beast A DNA Change?

VIII.                    Is The Mark of the Beast A DNA Change?

What we know thus far is the Antichrist will have the means to the latest technology and that an avatar, android, humanoid fits the image of the beast and the philosophy that goes with it, that the Antichrist is now immortal and man has achieved immortality.  People will worship him for this and we know that he will use a good deal of money to make his cloned image. 

I have established that the mark is not a DNA change.  There is the possibility that the image of the beast can be connected to the Mark of the Beast.

In the area of DNA change and a DNA change as part of the Mark of the Beast, possibly but not in the way evangelicals are expecting, which is that we will receive a DNA change that will not make us fully human and we will be part beast or machine.  Considering that Satan already orchestrated the first DNA change in the garden and that we know we have his seed, it is more in line that Satan would get scientists to believe they can achieve immortality in this imperfect body that he corrupted and this is accomplished in his image, which will receive part of his consciousness because he will still exist in his human body.  It also is demonic to use DNA to change creation that are already being tested.  

It is possible that Antichrist will condone DNA testing that changes creation and will allow bazaar and demonic tests performed on the human body.

 Just as Joseph Mengella conducted gross experiments for Adolph Hitler, men and women will be used as human guinee pigs for the DNA cutting and splicing.  As of right now there are no experiments that would fit the Mark of the Beast as a DNA change for the human race.  This is not to say that a DNA nanobot or something related to DNA cannot be a part, but not in the area of splicing our current DNA. There just is no evidence of that in the current science field  today nor is that the area that science is moving forward.  Scientists are looking to perfect the human body and give it super human capabilities, eradicate disease, reverse aging and make men immortal.  But, DNA splicing and experiments will most likely occur in the’s Antichrist police state. 

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