28-You’ll Have A Choice Between A Brain or A Hand Chip


Revelation 13:16 states, “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads.

What the Bible is telling us here is that the recipient of the mark will have a choice between having the chip in their hand or their forehead. There are two possibilities here:
1.      The same mark will work from both locations and be the same technology that can go in either location on the body.
2.      Or there will be two separate technologies that complete the same task.
On the implantable devices the suggested uses for them are endless.
Other potential uses of implantable ICT devices include:
The human body as a medium for transmission of data (and energy) to “other devices such as cell phones and medical devices
Location of persons and logging onto a website to find a family member.
Smart guns activated by the owner via their chip
Starting your automobile, opening your front door, via the chip. Paying for goods and services. Connecting to your computer.
Communicating your medical condition such as heart rate.  But, the Mark of the Beast is going to be even more than just a payment system. You will be connected to the Antichrist’s mainframe computer.

Currently the brain chip only works close to the brain, but the RFID chip, or two way NFC chip or Bluetooth low energy can be placed anywhere meaning in both places.  I have seen RFIC chips go in the left hand and upper arm, but at the time of the Antichrist, they will be placed in the right hand or the forehead.  Science is perfecting their technologies and ways of implementation and there is neural dust and ways being tested via nanotechnology,  Now there are radio frequency tattoos that can be placed and serve the same function as an inserted chip. 

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