46-The Antichrist will head technology Tower of Babel

It is worth noting that in these end times with the barriers that God put in place having eroded, and we see this in these various scientific endeavors, which are global, the world is more of a single unit. Once again as it was in Babel and as God stated, ā€œnow nothing that they propose to do will be withheld unto them.ā€
And we see this clearly in the area of technology, where man is attempting to perfect creation and humans and recreate the human race into another species and recreate creation and reach into the heavens.Ā 
While the divisions originally set up at Babel have greatly eroded they have not completely gone and will not be completely removed until the Tribulation when the world is headed under the empire of the Antichrist. Never the less,Ā  we see the Tower of Babel mentality preparing for the Antichrist and the final completed Tower of Babel that will be spearheaded by him. From this tower the technology god assists him and life under his regime.

It should come as no surprise that we see the Tower of Babel mentality in the end times, along with the emergence of the tower and the god of technology that spearheads it, which will then utilized by the son of Satan himself.Ā 

It should also be noted that it is the Dragon or Satan, who prepares for the reign of his son and has influenced the building of the technology tower and its false god and teachings.

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