48-Parallel Dimensions

Parallel Dimensions

In science there is a good deal of emphasis and talk of parallel dimensions and of the possibility of life on other planets.  In quantum computing there is the theory that quantum computers work by crossing into other dimensions.
When it comes to parallel dimensions the Bible is very clear of the parallel universe that exists alongside of ours and describes it in considerable detail.  
It is almost paradoxical that that scientists have little to no knowledge of the parallel dimension described in some detail in the Bible but can tell you the details of Star Trek episodes as if it were the Bible on parallel dimensions. This world will sync with the Antichrist’s mark of the Beast.

Before I discuss how the parallel dimensions relate to the mark of the Beast, one must have knowledge of the parallel dimension relayed in Scripture. The parallel universe that exists alongside ours, is depicted the most in Bible prophecy or more specifically the end time prophetic passages. 

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