49-Parallel Universe-The God of the Bible

 To comprehend it, one must first examine  the God of the Bible. As an analyst and a journalist I often step back and view God as He is presented in the Bible and not as He has been stereotyped. As I study Scripture, I am often struck by the esoteric and peculiar nature of the God presented in the Bible.   Too often our image of God is who we think He should be and how we think He should act.   The reality is that the unusual God presented in the Bible is incomprehensible and not fully understood by our finite minds.  It makes logical sense that we as humans are only possible of having limited comprehension of Him.
Many times we read the Bible and accept its words without thinking twice about the voice of God that speaks through them and what they tell us about His person.  The Scriptures tell us that His ways are not our ways or His thoughts our thoughts and this is evident as we examine God as He is presented in Scripture.

First and foremost God chooses to speak to us through the Bible, which is His word. 

 The God of the universe who created the galaxies and all life on this earth chose to leave a book and not just any writings, but His word, written through various writers, which would possess attributes of no other books or writings.
It was written over 1500 years, by 40 different authors and yet the language and theme are consistent from Genesis to Revelation.  We see in the book, an esoteric God whose ways defy human reasoning.   The language of the book is not only primitive, but possessing peculiar lingo, not uttered anywhere else at any time in history.

The Bible itself is a supernatural book. In addition, the words in the book have properties that no other books possess in that they are dimensional.

The parallel universe described in its pages has the feel of a Sci Fi thriller, an episode of the Twilight Zone, Star Trek, a video game theme, an action adventure, all in one. It takes you nowhere your mind has gone, or will possibly ever go. Another words you can’t think up or imagine what is in the parallel dimension the Bible describes because it defies our limited logic.  It does not exist in a faraway galaxy, but rather alongside our physical Earth in the air.  It is also way beyond our science because science is not even close to discovering it.
It begins with God Himself. In the books of the prophets we see Him depicted in His throne room and we know that He has the image of a man and possesses emotions. Yet He is also described as a force of nature.   In the new heaven and the new earth that He will create, we see that God provides the light, so there is no need of the sun. His voice is like thunder and of the sound of roaring waves.
Before God’s throne are seven spirits, and four living creatures, one looking like a lion, the other a calf, the other a man and the final one an eagle with feet that look like calves feet.  These do not have the ability to turn but only to walk in a forward or backward direction and they move at the speed of light, like flashes of lightening. Each has six wings with two wings stretching upward, two wings touching each other and the other two wings covering their bodies. They each have eyes covering them. Beside each creature are large wheels with rims that are covered with eyes. Everywhere the creatures go the wheels follow them.   The spirit of the creatures is in these large wheels.  As their wings move they make the sound of an army, and the roar of an ocean.  
These winged beings praise God saying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” They reside above and below the throne.  The throne itself shines with the brilliance of a rainbow and He who sits on it while appearing as a man, also appears like the sun with its amber color and fire. His throne is described within a temple and the train of his robe fills the temple.  Within the temple is a golden altar, with tongs, and coal and fire.

In the Revelation we learn that around the throne are 24 elders.  We see Him who sits on the throne holding a scroll sealed with seven seals.    We also see Jesus, depicted in linen and a golden girdle, and His head and hair glisten white.  God’s temple is filled with smoke from His glory and power.  As He speaks we hear noises and thunder, and we see flashes of lightening.  When the scroll is opened and only the Lamb of God is worthy to open it, we see Him open the seven seals and seven judgments are released onto the Earth, but the seventh seal releases the seven angels with the seven trumpet judgments and the seventh angel releases the seven bowl judgement.

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