5 Reasons Why Satan Deceives Christians on End Time Bible Prophecy Teachings

It is obvious when you look at end time Bible Prophecy teachings, that is how current affairs relates to end time Bible Prophecy that there are more than a handful of teachings that divide Evangelicals on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled.  

There are several conspiracy theories, the Islam as Beast of Revelation Theory and the European Union as the final world empire, to the United States as the Beast of Revelation and final world empire.  Within each of the teachings are also many other errors being taught.  I teach the EU as the Final World Empire and I have read writers who do not have a clue on how the EU really functions and are misdirecting readers via their detailed teachings.  

Many who correlate end time Bible Prophecy to current affairs do not have any credentials to do so. 

Then there are those who are trying to capitalize on page hits with really wild and outrageous stories.   The Christian who is trying to learn about how Bible Prophecy and how it relates to current events is often deceived by many teachers. I will give you five reasons now as to why Satan   deceives Christians on end time Bible Prophecy Teachings.

1.       When the erroneous theory fails to fulfill Bible Prophecy you will be left doubting God’s word.

2.     Satan does not want you to know what he is doing, he does not want you to know the truth of the events that are fulfilling Bible Prophecy because he wants to take as many souls with him as possible and he wants to diminish the effectiveness of Bible Prophecy’s warning. If some are feeling warned and prompted by errors when those errors come to light the warning becomes ineffectual.
3.   Satan wants to discredit God’s word in the world.   Conspiracy theories make the Evangelical community look uneducated and stupid and when we tout them as fulfilling Bible Prophecy’s message many are turned off to the Gospel because of the ridiculousness of the theories.
4.     Satan has snuck in Anti-Antisemitism into the conspiracy theories and has Christians touting them not realizing what they are touting to weaken their testimony with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people and also weaken Christian Jewish relations. 
5.      Finally, when the believers are raptured out of here, and those in the final dispensation go online to learn more, the information online will leave them in confusion, which is what Satan is the author of.  It will not even be a help to them and there will be so many false teachings for them to weed through that they may not come to the information that they will need in those times.

In conclusion on end time Bible Prophecy, make sure of your sources for information, stay away from the conspiracy theorist sites like Before it is news and any so called journalists associated with them.   Read and study. 

Most of all Bible Prophecy has to fit two tests.

 1.      The Biblical Test

2.      The Geopolitical test

If Bible Prophecy can’t be fulfilled through the geopolitical system, it can’t be fulfilled because God works through Geopolitics. 

By the way, Obama is nearing the end of his term, have you been hauled into FEMA death camps?   No, because it was nonsense and any time you see the term you need to run, it is a false teaching, and the same with Islam and a worldwide caliphate as the Beast of Revelation.
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