50-Parallel Universe -Demons and Angels in the Revelation

In this parallel world is described a mighty angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on his head, whose face is like the sun and feet like pillars of fire.  He cries out as a lion cries out and when he uttered his voice seven thunders uttered their voices. He holds in his hand a little book, which the apostle John is to take from the angel and eat it, it tastes sweet but is bitter in his stomach. 
In the Revelation we see even more of these figures:
The four angels bound at the River Euphrates and prepared and released to kill a third of mankind.
The beast who ascends out of the bottomless pit.
Michael, the prince over Israel whose heavenly army fights Satan and his demons in a war, which takes place in heaven.
 The demonic principality named Death
The demonic principality named Hades
The angel with a key to the bottomless pit with smoke arising and darkening the sun and moon.
Locusts that sting like a scorpions emerge and they have a king whose name is Apollyon in Greek, (meaning Destroyer) Abaddon in Hebrew. ( A destroying angel)
The angel flying with the everlasting Gospel
The Angel with power over fire
Angels dressed in linen and gold girdles coming out of the temple and one of the four living creatures gives to the angels the seven bowls full of the wrath of God. After this the Revelation tells us,
‚ÄúThe temple was filled with the smoke from the glory of God and from His power, and no one was able to enter the temple till the seven plagues of the seven angels was completed.‚ÄĚ
Harpists playing harps
The sealed and marked 144 thousand witnesses
There is so much more in the Revelation from the new heaven and new Earth and its description: the book of life, the tree of life,  the lake of fire,  and the seal of Jesus Christ on the book of Revelation along with His warning.

We see in the Revelation demons that are principalities and powerful angels as in no other book of the Bible. 

All this as God’s judgements are issued from His temple in the heavens, and thus providing the greatest glimpse into the parallel world that is depicted throughout all of Scripture.
We see another view of this parallel universe in the fiery chariot with fiery horses that came for Elijah in 2 Kings 2:11 and in 2 Kings 6:8-23. In these passages God protected Elisha and his servant with angels leading horses and chariots of fire. God opened Elisha’s eyes so that he could see them when ancient Aram was at war with Israel. The king sent a large group of soldiers to capture Elisha because he was able to predict to the king of Israel the armies next attack allowing the King of Israel to prepare an effective strategy.

While this is not an exhaustive study on demons and angels enough details are provided so that you can begin to get a picture of this world.

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