51-Parallel Universe- Understood by a Child

It all began in the garden and the fall of man.  Not only did this launch the battle that will end at Armageddon, but it also reveals to us a peculiar God, who required the sacrificial blood of animals that would foreshadow the death of His Son and the blood atonement required for salvation.
 This God who would send His Son into the world not as a king but as a lowly servant, who would die a most brutal death so that He would share in our sufferings and also give us life through His name.  This life is eternal life and it comes by faith in His son, Jesus Christ.  This God who would speak through prophets and ask them to perform seemingly peculiar acts to drive home His message.
Such as having Ezekiel cut his hair and beard, weigh it and divide it three ways.  One third he was to burn with fire, one third strike with the sword and one third scatter to the wind and keep some of it out and sew into the edge of his garment, to represent and coincide with God’s judgements.  There are several of these throughout the book of Ezekiel.    This strange God who would address Ezekiel as son of man as if talking to a species that was unlike His own, but that He created. This peculiar God who would when speaking to Ezekiel refer to Himself as the Lord of Hosts.
I think of the nazarite vow of Samson and John the Baptist. They were not to cut their hair and were not to eat any grapes or have any food products made from grapes. 
The Abrahamic Covenant, the Mosaic Law,  God requiring the building of a temple and providing every instruction for its construction. The blood sacrifice that would be performed and would represent and foreshadow Jesus Christ, who was coming and going to be the atonement for man’s sins. Jesus who would be born of a virgin and would die a most brutal death, with every drop of His blood poured out to pay for my sins and yours and who would resurrect from death and promise all who believe in Him eternal life.  
The blood sacrifice is what is incomprehensible to our rational mind and defies our human reasoning.  This is required from the God of the universe?  Yes, and this God requires faith to please Him and He knows that faith is difficult for man.   The paradox is that it is the faith of a child that is required to understand His complexity. This is backed up in Scripture in the following verses:

 Luke 18:17, “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”

Matthew 18:3. And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

It is not of works that we achieve eternal life and life with Christ but through faith and belief in this fantastic foolish sounding Gospel, which is the power of a God that we cannot for the life of us comprehend. It takes childlike faith to understand it. 

 It’s like getting through a corn maze. Corn mazes are popular attractions at farms in the United States. Farmers  will build mazes through their corn fields in an effort to help their farms earn money.  Many people have gotten lost in the maze and some have phoned the police to help find them.  One of the recommendations for finding your way out of a corn maze if you find yourself lost is to follow the kids because they somehow know how to get out of one.   This is a prime example of a child having an ability that an adult does not possess such as understanding the God of the Bible.

Jesus Himself told us we would need the faith of a child to believe in Him.  A child can comprehend this fantastic world and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ because they do not have adult reasoning. God and His parallel world as described in the Bible defies our reasoning.  Yet, because it is incomprehensible to us does not mean that it does not exist.

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