52- The Parallel Dimension Connects with the Physical World

Chapter 16: IV. The Parallel Dimension Connects with the Physical World

As far apart and unparalleled as the spiritual and physical world seem, they connect and exist alongside one another.  

This world plays out in the heavens and here on Earth and within our beings.  We have a soul within our physical body.   Upon our physical death our soul departs our body. The Bible tells us that the life is in the blood and somehow the soul mingles in our blood and charges every cell of our body as it would a battery. 

For those us who are born again, Jesus breathed on us the Holy Spirit, which opens our eyes and we can testify as witnesses of our experiences in this spiritual world. 
Satan is referred to in the Bible as the prince of the air and demons are everywhere trying to influence us.  They can indwell and oppress human beings. 
No two topics can seem farther apart than Bible prophecy and current events and yet in the physical world we see the fulfillment of what Bible prophecy predicts will occur in the end times.
End time Bible prophecy centers on the nation of Israel, and in 1948, Israel became a nation and only three years later was the formation of the EU, which would fulfill the prophet Daniel’s predictions of a revived Roman Empire that will under the rule of the Antichrist persecute that nation. 

 Jesus spoke of the abomination of desolation that takes place inside of the Third Temple, and today as I write this the plans are all in place as are the utensils, clothing and all else for the building of the Third Temple. 

 This report has provided you with how the technological advances are lining with Bible prophecy, which shows us an example of the linked spiritual and physical world. 

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