54-Quantum Computers-666 the Image and Mark of the Beast

Ch 17: Quantum Computers-666 the Image and Mark of the Beast

“Quantum computers are expected to be able to solve, in a few minutes, problems that are unsolvable by the supercomputers of today and tomorrow. 

This, in turn, will seed breakthroughs in the design of chemical processes, new materials, such as higher temperature superconductors, and new paradigms in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Universal quantum computers will be available with computational power at a level of performance that will exceed even the most powerful classical computers of the future. They will be reprogrammable machines used to solve demanding computational problems, such as optimization tasks, database searches, machine learning and image recognition.
D-Wave Founder and Chief Scientist for its quantum computer, Eric Ladizinsky quoted Paul Davis who stated, “The nineteenth century was known as the machine age, the twentieth century will go down in history as the information age. I believe the 21st century will be the quantum age.”

Quantum computing is going to merge with artificial intelligence and robotics and we will see it utilized in the image and mark of the Beast.

A quantum computer will be the ultimate for the Antichrist’s police state. In science writer Julian Cribb’s article, “Quantum Computing and the Dawn of the Quantum Tyranny.’

He stated, “every bit of data ever gathered on us can be recorded, stored, mined, sorted and retrieved by anyone with access and a ‘Quputer’…Artificial intelligence will scan this data constantly for patterns that might identify you as a ‘subject of interest’ – whether to police, intelligence services …Then there is your electronic trail – everywhere you went with your smart phone, satnav vehicle or tablet. Every email, text, tweet, Facebook entry, computer document or key stroke you ever made will be documented in your metadata, and its content can be retrieved.”
Crib concluded, “They will be quietly identified, swept up and hushed before they can cause trouble…We have blithely ‘assumed’ quputers will always be used for good, when the probability is that they will also be used for evil.”
A quantum computer fits perfectly with the technology god described in the book of Daniel that will have god like capabilities and will rule over many.

Quantum computers will also merge with AI and robotics and these computers will give the Antichrist all he needs. It should be noted that in the verse is the use of the word “them” will rule over many, could mean that there is more than one type of technology that will be employed by the Antichrist for the image and mark of the Beast, or it can also mean multiples of the same.  

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