7-The Image of the Beast is Here

 The Image of the Beast is Here

In the book of Revelation the image of the beast always precedes the Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:18 is the only place the mark is mentioned without a reference to the image and this is because it provides the riddle that elaborates on the identity of the beast. 

 In all other Bible verses concerning the Mark of the Beast we see the triad of the worship of the beast, his image and taking the mark. In one verse the mark is referred to as the number of his name.
The image of the beast precedes the Mark of the Beast and is equal with the mark. Evangelical Christian end time watchers and theologians pay the image of the beast little attention, yet it is tied to and part of the triad of the Mark of the Beast.
What is frightening is that not only does the technology exist for the Mark of the Beast but also for the image of the beast as well. Never before in history has a technology launched that fits the image of the Beast to its very description than today.
The 2045.com project brings together leading scientists from all over the world to achieve the creation of an artificial human body and transfer human consciousness to it. They believe that by 2045 they will achieve such a body that will surpass our bodies in terms of functionality and this body will be capable of withstanding extreme conditions and can initially be operated remotely.

The 2045 project is man’s attempt at duplicating the glorified bodies that are promised in the Bible.  On their website is an immortality button and when you push it you read:
Imperfect biological bodies
…depend on temperature, pressure, oxygen and other environmental conditions;
…depend on food and water:
…get sick easily;
…limit the development of our planet;
…all eventually die.
The 2045 Initiative Solution
Self-directed evolution through partial and complete replacement of your biological body with an artificial avatar.
60% of the technology is already available
40% will be developed over the next 3 decades
Avatar R& D Network run by top experts
Personal avatar development capability is available today. From there you can select a remote control avatar (Avatar A) that the website states is 85% complete and will be available in the next 3 years. This avatar would be good for disabled persons, business tele-travel and first responders.  Avatar B is a full body prosthesis and will have a man’s head transplanted onto it.  They project it will be completed in 5 to 7 years, Avatar C with a super human body featuring greater than human capabilities, an artificial brain and the transferal of human consciousness.  This one is 20 to 25 years until completion but can be accelerated if there is increased investment of dollars into the research. On this website you can commission the building of your own personal avatar for 3 million dollars.
Man’s attempt to achieve immortality is a waste of time and resources because the way to achieve immortality is promised in the Bible.  Satan caused the fall of man along with disease and death and now through technology Satan offers his counterfeit to what God has offered for free in the Bible.  God’s cost for eternal life is too high a price for many because it requires faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ and belief in Him as the Son of God.
Scientists also believe through DNA engineering and Brain Chips they can  perfect man’s body and help it to achieve superhuman traits. 
Technology  has become a tower of Babel and it currently exists alongside its geopolitical counterpart of world federalism, which unites the world via world institutions and regional trade blocks.
Scientists are attempting to achieve a status of being on par with God and perfecting his creation, such as making bunny rabbits glow in the dark, creating human skin that is tough as Kevlar made from goats that produce silk in their milk from their DNA being merged with spider DNA. 
Man is hoping to eradicate disease and with brain technology upload his memory, improve eyesight, give a human body night vision and special hearing capabilities.
In this current tech environment now exists a perfect parallel with the Image of the beast of Revelation 13.  We can now easily speculate on the finer details.
What is astounding is that not only does the technology exist for the image of the beast but we can also know what will not be achieved and what will be accomplished through a miracle of God. This is how close we are to the Rapture and how far along we are in the end times.
Based on Revelation 13, the 2045 project will achieve creating a duplicate robotic body of the Antichrist. This matches the image of the Beast. The first avatar is going to be a robotic body that is controlled remotely, they believe by 2030 to 2035 they will be able to transfer a human personality or human consciousness into the avatar. 
 This will not be achieved as they think, the false prophet comes in and he might not be a religious leader as we have anticipated, he might be a scientist and he will according to Scripture give breath to the image of the beast, but this is a power given to him by God, for the Bible tells us, “he was granted to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship it to be killed. 
Based on this verse the image of the beast is an avatar that looks identical to the Antichrist, and the false prophet is granted by God to give it breath. In Genesis 2:7 we see God giving Adam the breath of life, but notice here the false prophet can only give it breath but not the breath of life.  The Antichrist’s look a like avatar or robot will receive consciousness but only by way and permission of God granting that power, and this can come in the form of a technological achievement, but it is not alive in the way humans are alive, but more like an animal is alive. The conscienceless allows the image, i.e. avatar to speak and deceives many that man has now achieved immortality in this robot, but it is the Antichrist who shows off his immortality via his image.  It should also be noted that the Beast and the false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire, but not the image of the beast because it is not given a soul, it is given breath, which is what animals, birds and reptiles are given, but not a soul.
It is my assessment based on the personality of the Antichrist that the avatar will be made for him souly and these avatars will not be made for others as he claims to be God and now reveals his immortality through the avatar. 
The avatar will stand in the Holy of Holies and will be worshiped.  It is also a possibility that the Christians who do not worship the image or take the Mark of the Beast  will be beheaded within the Jewish temple on the alter intended for animal sacrifices.
The image of the Beast’s avatar or robot, will also have some super capabilities discussed in detail in a later chapter in this report.

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