A New Era-As New World Order Rises To Fore

A monsoon in Pakistan killed 1,000 people and one third of the country is under water, Yahoo news reported, “6 rare 1000-year rain events in a month.” Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought, Europe is on path to set wildfire record this summer. Gravitas reported that 100 tons of dead fish were pulled out of Europe’s Oder river. Meanwhile A quarter of the US fell inside an extreme heat belt, USA Today reported that the Excessive California heat wave may be the hottest and longest of the year. The Guardian reported that the artic is now warming four times as fast as the rest of the world.  As if a symbol of the apocalyptic weather a giant section of road which looked like an enormous sinkhole was missing from an Arizona road and it was not caused by a sinkhole but washed out by raging floodwaters. All of this in line with the birth pangs foretold by Jesus.  Meanwhile shootings in the United States are now happening on an even more regular basis and they surged in New York City which reported a 31% increase in the month of July.  

If you think this is frightening nothing is more so than the changes taking place geopolitically such as seeing the final world order of empires and the rise of the revived Roman Empire which is affirmed in two places in the book of Daniel and in the book of Revelation.  Leading Europhile Guy Verhofstadt while at seminar by the European Union’s External Action Diplomatic Service, called Quo Vadis Europa: The birth of geopolitical Europe stated, “the world since the brutal invasion of Russia and of Putin has dramatically changed; it’s the start of a new world order…forget the world of 199 nation states sitting around a big table at the U.N headquarters in New York it had never existed in fact that that world we live in a world of Empires in which you have four or five competing Empires with each other not only military but also politically and also technologically. What this means is that all of the Evangelical end time teachings on the New World Order are wrong. We are entering an age that no one anticipated but at the same time the Scriptures accurately predict.  Notice how he discounted the UN and world organization order.

Verhofstadt further stated “in this new world of Empires the key question is what is our place what we want to be how to defend our interests and our interests can be the same interests and values for the moment as the United States of America but tomorrow they can be different” Another words the EU empire is going to be out for its own interests along with the other empires.

Not only is this empire age predicted in the book of Daniel, and the Revelation,  but this next part was rather shocking Verhofstadt stated, “stopping thinking that we need to be the ideal place of competition for the whole world no the world will not work like that it will be competing Empires so in competing Empires thinking that a week and the playground of all the others for economy and for market and for technological developments is a wrong choice because the world is not one place it will be a competing place of Empires in the future.

 Other words it will be every empire for themselves but the strongest empires will lead by virtue of their strength.  Verhofstadt sited his book The Age of Empires which he wrote in 2008 in which he accurately foresaw that the world of tomorrow would be a world of empires. It was in 2007 that Commission president Manuel Barosso confirmed that the EU was an empire. Finally, Verhofstadt stated “the war in Ukraine shows and illustrates there is no security for individual countries in this new world of Empires outside the block outside the family, outside NATO outside European Union then you’re the victim eaten by these empires.” We know the empire that Israel will come under, the torch will pass from the United States to Europe and especially under the False Messiah or Antichrist.

I stated in my book the Seat of the Antichrist written in the early to mid-1990’s and revised and published in 2009 that

The U.S. position will continue to decline as the EU rises to superpower status.  At the time of the final world power, the U.S. will remain a strong nation, though not a lone superpower.  The U.S. will endorse EU policy and support the Antichrist until near the end of the Tribulation.

I also stated:

The European Union will grow above and beyond the expectation of any American administration.  It will rise to superpower status.

In around 2011 I stated on my website at the time:

   It is my observation that the US EU partnership is an area to watch and that as the EU gains more power and once the US dollar ceases to be the world’s leading currency it will be the EU that will prop up the United States and the United States will come under the EU sphere.

What I did not anticipate was the final empire age would be fulfilled to the letter of the Scriptures and that as Verhofstadt stated ‘there is no security for individual countries in this new world of Empires outside the block outside the family, and that in this new world order the empires would be in competition with one another therefor the New World Order is an order of empires, and we know from Scripture the EU will be the one that comes in the lead.