About Pieter Hoogendoorn

Pieter Hoogendoorn

Director of EU Operations

Pieter Hoogendoorn, a Dutch citizen, brings a wealth of experience and connections to his role as Director of EU Operations at the Twist News. His work with thinc. in the Hague, the global capital of international law, has provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities of international law and its impact on nations.

A champion for Israel, Pieter has been at the forefront of the battle against the misuse of international law against the nation. His extensive network within the European Union includes connections with organizations such as the Israel Allies Foundation, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, American Jewish Committee, and ELNET, the European Leadership network, which serves as a bridge for Israel and EU policy.

Pieter’s expertise extends beyond his work in international law and politics. With a degree inĀ MathematicsĀ andĀ Computer Science from the Technical University of Delft (1979), he has worked as a senior consultant and project manager for IBM and ACI Worldwide, with a focus onĀ biometricĀ identification, electronic payment, and system integration in finance, telecom, and the public sector.

His professional experience spans the globe, with project management roles in the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia (2000-2012). Pieter is also the founder and principal of Marites Consulting (2008), a professional consultancy and project management company. In 2017, he co-founded and directed thinc., The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation. In 2022, he resigned from the MT and joined the Supervisory Board.

At the Twist News, Pieter will leverage his expertise and connections to drive EU operations, contribute to upcoming books, and network with key EU organizations and politicians to extend the Twist New’s reach into the EU political sphere.