“Meet us at The Twist, our revolutionary news platform that’s shaking up the status quo! As influencers in the world of global affairs, we’re not just reporting the news – we’re shaping the narrative. We travel the world, meet politicians, diplomats, and experts face-to-face, to bring you the most accurate and unbiased news. But that’s not all – we also engage in frank discussions with policymakers, sharing our expertise and insights to aid their decision-making. Our expert commentary and analysis serve as a guide for listeners, illuminating the complexities of global policy and its effects on geopolitics. From the streets of Rome to the corridors of power in Brussels, we’re on the ground, asking the tough questions, getting the real story, and driving meaningful conversations. Join us for a fresh perspective on global affairs, and become a part of our rebellion against the status quo.”

Headquartered in New York city, The Twist News challenges the status quo enroute to a better world by providing free news and information to help educate the public about events taking place throughout the world.

Board of Directors and Team

Expanding the Scope: From Prophecy to Political Insight

After concluding Prophecy Talk, I felt compelled to expand the show’s scope into the secular news arena. As a prominent voice in the field, I noticed a significant gap in reporting on the European Union in the media and within Evangelical news outlets, which often presented a unipolar worldview centered around the United States. This lack of coverage sparked my desire to create a platform that would provide a corrected multipolar worldview and shed light on underreported news, offering a more comprehensive understanding of global events.

The Birth of The Twist News

At the 2019 Jerusalem Post Conference in New York City, I met Don Pravda, who would become the President of The Twist. With his background in Jewish organizations and Ivy League education, we shared a vision for a news show that would offer bold, insightful commentary with a unique perspective. Thus, The Twist News was born, featuring provocative analysis, occasional witty commentary, and a dash of rebellious spirit that would challenge the status quo and deliver impactful news.

We adopted an unconventional strategy, engaging with politicians and experts in person at various events and conferences. This personalized approach enabled us to establish meaningful connections and garner a more nuanced comprehension of the issues. During an event in Paris, we had the opportunity to meet Pieter Hoogendoorn, a renowned expert in international law and Israel, and in the intricacies of the European Union’s political landscape. He joined forces with The Twist News, injecting his vast network of high-level contacts and expertise into our operations and platform, further amplifying our influence and reach.”

Influencing the Conversation

As The Twist News traveled with a Prime Minister’s political party, we met MEPs, diplomats, and conducted interviews, leveraging our unique access to shape the narrative and policy decisions. After Hamas launched its war in Gaza in October of 2023, we drafted a letter to this prime minster on behalf of Israel, informing of the overlooked consequences of two-state policy. ” Her under secretary personally delivered it.

Our face-to-face approach and direct engagement with key stakeholders enables us to us to make a significant impact on the political process, enabling us to shape the narrative and policy decisions at the highest levels. Our face-to-face approach positions us as influencers.