After Dollar Collapse-The Next Reserve Currency

1n 1990 in my correspondence to the late William F. Buckley after the media said that the then European Community’s Common Market based on its 1985 White Paper would fail, I stated to him, “Your generation lived through Communism, the Cold War and a nuclear arms race. My generation will live through an era of globalization, an economic war and the race for new technologies.” I also stated, . Europe will become powerful and strong, a modern-day Roman Empire.  “The Commission President will gain prominence as a viable leader.” By economic war I meant that the quest for the superpowers would be economies of scale and empires attempting to win the economic race and the quest for both economies of scale and new technologies has never been greater.

In November of 2011 when the Associated Press stated that the Euro would collapse regarding its sovereign debt crisis, I predicted that the Euro will not collapse. In May of 2015 I forecast that Greece would not exit the euro. When it looked like Donald Trump would win the presidency in 2016, I predicted that he was going to cause a geopolitical seismic shift and the EU to further unify, which happened. Moreover, I correctly foretold that Emmanuel Macron would win the French presidency, That Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election and that he would try to take it by a coup. I also foresaw that the weather patterns would eventually effect the financial markets and this is now the case.  This was all possible by knowing the prophetic forecasts. Now I will tell you what will come after the dollar collapse and what will be the next reserve currency.  

In Bible Prophecy many teachers agree that the United States is not the leading empire in the Tribulation times. For this reason, among Evangelicals there is sentiment that the US dollar would cease to be the world’s reserve currency as this is the symbol of US Strength and power. I have been following the dollar’s decline and reporting on it for over a decade now.  The S&P 500 Index introduced in 1957 has been the top destination for investors due to robust American company’s and stellular annual returns. But it currently is artificial and overpriced. When I say artificial, I mean by money circulated by the FED that is boosting the economic numbers. Since COVID crashed the markets in March of 2020, under former President Donald Trump the Federal Reserve literally bought the market and propped it up. Biden’s stimulus threw more money into the economy and gave it more artificial boosts. The queen of money printing herself Janet Yellen proudly told the ECB’s Christine Lagarde that the US was giving 3600 per year per child and that after COVID they want to make this permanent. As we all know there is no way the United States can keep giving away the money it has been giving and racking up the astronomical deficit.

I agree with the experts who have predicted that the dollar crash is going to come suddenly. In addition, that at this juncture it can happen at any time.  I also foresee like some financiers stated that the US will follow the route of Japan’s lost decade. Some have predicted the US economically will mirror the times of the great depression and it will take two decades for the United States to recover. The US will no doubt enter a time of major crisis.

While Ray Dalio and other financiers are bullish on China and other investors have chosen emerging markets, some still believe in America, Economist James Rickards believes a dollar crash will usher in the International Monetary Fund’s ADR’s. Some experts theorize that after the crash of the dollar will come a reset of the entire monetary system. As a result, many investors are running to gold. Based on the prophetic forecasts and my analysis of the geopolitical arena, I foresee that the euro will become the safe haven currency when the dollar tanks.

Russia just removed dollars from its 185 billion wealth fund and replaced it with assets denominated in euros and gold. We will have a shift from the US dollar, and many will opt for euros in their place, and we will have a global shift from a dollar denominated world to one in euros. The European indices will hit turbulence but will bounce back, while the huge crisis hits the United States, Europe will grow stronger.

Based on the prophetic forecasts I stated for years that the EU was going to surpass the United States and if I could chart the evolution of the European Union at each juncture the media stated it would fall apart it continued an upward trajectory. I have reported on how the EU has hedged its economy via comprehensive record-breaking trade pacts since 2008. A total of 84 trade agreements to the United State’s 20. But this year The EU went on par with if not surpassed the United States. With its newly enacted Digital Services Act it is about to shake up the internet and US tech companies. Its recovery bonds will tax US tech giants and C02 violators. Not to mention its Battery Directive that penalizes any company that does not conform to their new standards. It is taking the lead in world institutions and in launching the Green Deal for their COVID recovery and setting a green standard for the world. This translates to future European company’s profits.

I listened to many a behind the scenes interviews and webinars. From European Commission Vice President Franz Timmerman speak on the Green Deal. EU Council President Charles Michel stating that the EU was now a world power and would not be subordinate to the United States. EU Powerhouse politician Guy Verhofstadt when asked if there was concern about the US response to the EU’s own resources tax on US Tech giants, he stated basically it didn’t matter. There was an idea for some time that the EU was not punching up to its weight, its economy ranks anywhere from 1st to 2rd largest depending on various reports. It was the Donald Trump presidency that caused the shift in attitude and opened the door for the EU to take the lead. Meanwhile Europe now has a jump start on its Green Deal. An EU trade ambassador stated that it would take the US two years to catch up to the EU even with President Joe Biden opting back into the Paris Accords. The Green Deal under the mask of climate change policy is about money via the economic growth it will provide through jobs and new products.

Two plus years ago the EU Commission enacted a recommendation for EU member states to move from US dollars in their energy transactions and to report to the Commission on their progress yearly. This was in response to US sanctions on Iran that effected German companies The (European Stability Mechanism) is a funding program for Eurozone members established by a treaty. A blog post written on the ESM blog by Kalin Anev Janse who is the chief financial officer of the ESM and management board member. He previously worked in strategy at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg. He wrote last December on how the Euro is now favored by Central Banks compared to several years ago. The greatest shocker came on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, and it made an epic statement. The European Commission called for the euro to become the global reserve currency and set a plan in motion to achieve that end. Moreover, for a multipolar international monetary system vs a dollar dominated one and in which the euro is an opted for reserve currency.

 I knew many years ago that the EU was going to be the place to invest once the dollar was coming to its end, but it was a matter to wait for the timing and the timing is now. That timing opened around the election, but I watched the markets to ensure my speculation was accurate. Seeking Alpha on July 26 wrote in their article, Flash Eurozone PMI Signals Fastest Economic Growth for 21 Years. Seeking Alpha also published an article on July 7 titled, Blackrock upgrades European stocks to overweight, cuts US equities to neutral, the article stated, Black Rock turns bullish on European equities as “the very powerful restart is broadening out.”. Goldman Sachs did a report titled The European Recovery: Here to Stay? which reported positively on the European markets. Goldman stated that Europe’s indices were beating the S&P and Nasdaq and foresaw growth through the next several years.

For myself I have invested primarily in the European Union via ETFs. Of my cash investment I am about 85% in Europe, about 15 percent in Asia and emerging markets. The only US investment I have is real estate. I am not in gold or any commodities. I am long European stocks and no bonds.  

 I know the future and it is simply that the European Union is the final world empire that will usher in Armageddon, but until that time in its future, it will first surpass the United States, the US will suffer serious decline because the US dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve. Revelation 6:6 references the great famine that will occur during the Tribulation-the earth’s final years. “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine.” In Roman times a denarius was a day’s wages. This reference of the Roman Empire money is a view of the currency of the empire in its latter-day form.  I know from prophecy that as the US declines, the EU will rise to greater power until the start of the Tribulation.

Moreover, add that the European Union has made it its aim to set the world standard in Climate laws, and goals, which will ensure the creation of new products and will pour nearly 80 billion euros into Horizon 2020 which is their program to develop new technologies and products, it initiated the European Innovation Council to boost its program by providing more funding for startups, it has a budget of over 10 billion euros. Add that the Euro is a still a forming currency, meaning that it did not have the right structure around it and that EU leaders intend to complete both the capital markets union which will get money, investments and savings glowing across the EU to benefit consumers, investors, and company’s wherever they are located.  In addition to the Banking Union, which will complete the euro and strengthen the EU banks. Therefore, I am anticipating that my investments will do well and grow as the US hits difficult times.

Yes, when the dollar crashes the European union markets will hit turbulence, but it will be a hiccup. While the US accounts for a great amount of trade with the European Union, the EU economy is hedged via its 84 trade pacts and the recent packs with Canada and Japan are comprehensive and groundbreaking. It is a hedged economy from a US crisis. Therefore, the place to invest for when the dollar crashes is Europe and in the eurozone.  At my age, I should be invested in more bonds over stocks, but I wasn’t wrong 30 years ago and I am not wrong now. I have watched the upward trajectory of the European Union. A few pegs on its rung have fallen but always it rebounds into a greater upward trajectory. The time to invest is now while the dollar is still relatively worth something and while the prices of the European stocks are relatively low. If you are still in doubt, remember Revelation 6, a measure of wheat for a denarius. The European Union is the revived Roman empire. The euro is the latter-day denarius. The verse confirms the world’s leading currency in the earth’s final days of the Revelation prophecy.