Alarming EU Conspiracy Theory – The Truth

In this interview Andrew Duff reveals the truth of the alarming EU conspiracy theory that alleges that the European Union is run by a secretive group of EU politicians who are trying to form a European Union superstate.

Mr. Duff who is a key figure in the European Movement and a leading federalist is asked the question of how it feels to be cast as a sinister politician. For his answer and for the truth regarding the issue of an EU conspiracy listen to the video and see the transcript below.
Erika Grey
The nationalist and populist parties that gained in the EU elections have noted the arch federalists and speak of federalists as the villains in EU politics. The Bruges group alleges that federalists are sinister as they build the EU federation into a United States of Europe. How does it feel to be a cast as a sinister politician villain, and see your peers avoid being labeled as federalist and deny their affiliation?
Andrew Duff
Well I think it would be sinister if there were a plot A conspiracy to do this. but I donā€™t see that or at least if there is a conspiracy to create a federal super state in Europe then I would probably be a part of it, I would probably been told. but there isn’t. And its important that we are transparent in what we do, that were very democratic, that we are prepared to face up to comment, criticism to take on the nationalists. and I think if you counter poise the nationalists and the federalists you can see more clearly the political dynamics, which move the EU, than if you only have a look into terms of left and right or poor and rich or south and north or east and west. there’s lots of other ways of looking at the EU in order of it’s complexity. But a key dynamic is federalists and nationalist. and I’m quite happy to argue that case.
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