Apocalyptic Weather and Revelation Plagues Explained

The recent events in weather are nothing short of apocalyptic. We are no doubt in the period of the birth pangs that Jesus predicted as a sign of the end times. Only they are now at the intense stage where the woman is in enough distress that she is doing all she can to endure them. This reflects our own turmoil given the rapid firing of the signs. Some false teachers are saying that the Revelation plagues are already here and we are experiencing them.  In this article I am going to relay to you the shocking apocalyptic headlines and tell you how these relate to the Revelation plagues.

 Here are the recent headlines:

Seafood as we know it will disappear

‘Complete Devastation’; Walking Through Greenville’s Burnt Remains

‘No One Is Safe’: Extreme Weather Batters the Wealthy World

Blaze ravages Evia island ‘like a horror movie’ on sixth day of Greek fires –

Drought hits South America river, threatening vast ecosystem

Greek wildfires a major ecological catastrophe, PM says

Greenland mass ice-melting event is latest worrisome sign of climate crisis

Gulf Stream system threatens collapse, study finds | News | DW | 06.08.2021

Heat waves roast U.S., shatter records in Europe, northern Africa as deadly wildfires erupt

Historic drought threatens California farms supplying much US food

July hottest month in human history

Los Angeles County Is The No. 1 Most Dangerous Area In The US, FEMA Says

Nearly 200 million in U.S. under heat advisories, warnings as two heat domes form

Sicily may have set Europe’s all-time heat record as temperatures climb to nearly 120 degrees

What happens when millions – or billions – of sea animals die on one day?

Climate change is leading many Americans to look for new places to live

World is on the brink of catastrophe, warns Government climate chief

Climate change: IPCC report is ‘code red for humanity’ – BBC News

World shudders at ‘terrifying’ UN climate report – EURACTIV.com

Here’s what that big climate change report says about food

Climate change threatens global food security

Per the report, increasing global warming will have a severe impact on biodiversity and ecosystems, including species loss and extinction.

Food shortages could become the new normal

 No doubt these events are frightening but these are not the Revelation plagues these are the birth pangs and we are getting closer to the start of the Tribulation. But, I have stated that these are leading to the first of the Revelation plagues. Moreover thinking that Climate Change is man made and can be controlled is a deception and a lie that will be propagated by the Antichrist himself.

Confirming this US presidential envoy John Kerry stated “the climate crisis is not only here, it is growing increasingly severe”The US thinks like other nations we can fix this. .Frans Timmermans, the European Union’s deputy climate chief said the 3,500-page report proved “it’s not too late to stem the tide and prevent runaway climate change”.,

For the rest of this broadcast we will look at the Revelation plagues and if you are unfamiliar with them, you are going to get a lesson in them today.

Prior to the issuance of the trumpet and bowl plauges in Scripture, we have the opening of the seven seals, the first four unleash the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Horsemen in the Bible signify judgement. At Armageddon Jesus comes riding a Horse because  He is coming in Judgement.

The first galloping horse is the Antichrist and each of the seals are contributed to via his reign of terror during the Tribulation,  and the resulting death, wars and famine from war, but in addition we have two plauges that flow from the end time signs,  a great famine, which these weather disasters are heading us towards. In addition the levels of violence in these latter days will be met with a plague of violence.

 Revelation 6:4 states Another horse, firey red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword. Each of the four horsemen are demonic principalities. The first is Antichrist who the restrainer has released.  For more see my book The Antichrist half devil half man and Decoding 666 for the Demonic Principalites. The Revelation names three of them, the Beast or 666, and Death and Hades who are at the top of the demonic hiegharcy. The red and black horseman are not named, but are referred to as a “he” .  

Death and Hades cause Death by war, hunger and “by the beasts of the earth.” This is when people’s harmless pets turn on them such as their pet cats and bunnies. Animals that do not normally attack humans will kill them. Can you imagine a hawk or an eagle coming for your throat, remember the movie the birds, there will be an element of this during the Tribulation. The world will already have blamed the Rapture on quote man made climate change, will they blame the change in wildlife on it too? Most likely, During this time are also the unleashing of the trumpet and bowl judgements which we will look at in light of today’s signs and the world’s belief in man made climate change.

The first trumpet is hail and fire mingled with blood and 1/3 of all trees burn and all of the grass. All of it worldwide, and grass helps clean the air, traps carbon dioxide, reduces erosion from storms, improves soil, decreases noise pollution and reduces temperatures.  It will regrow after this plague because grass is mentioned as untouched by the coming locusts. The Antichrist will most likely claim these events are from climate change and can be remedied.  At the launch of the Second Trumpet a major volcano erupts and a third of the sea becomes blood and a third of sea life dies. In addition a third of the ships are destroyed.  Most likely this too will be blamed on Climate Change as even more frequent volcanic erruptions are claimed to be caused be caused by man. The third trumpet hurls a giant meteor and it falls on a third of the rivers and springs of water making them bitter and killing anyone who drinks of them. This most likely means a dangerously high concentration of acid rain . They cant blame a giant meteor on man made Climate Change . During this time the third temple has been rebuilt and the Jews are feeling safe under the Antichrist’s pact.  He has raised the final empire to its pinnacle of power.

At the release of the fourth Trumpet a third of the sun, moon and stars are struck and a good portion of the earth goes dark. Revelation 8:13 it states woe, woe woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound. At this time God ups the ante. For the fifth Trumpet the restrainer opens the bottomless pit to let out Apollyon’s army of demonic locusts that sting men for five months and the worldwide plague is so horrible men will want to die because of it.

For the sixth trumpet the army of 200 million are unleashed who kill a third of mankind by the fire , smoke and brimstone out of their mouths. I used to think that this army was the Antichrist’s army because the colors of the breastplates match the EU army’s. But given that God used a supernatural army in the Old Testament to protect Elishas from the Syrian army, and angels to unleash the plague at Sodom and Gomorrah and also the three days of plague at the hand of an angel on David’s men after he numbered the people, this army is most likely supernatural.

At this point the Scripture tells us in Revelation 9: 20-21 that the rest of mankind did not repent. In this time frame the abomination of desolation has taken place, the Antichrist has waged war on all religion and has unleashed his campaign against Israel and the Jews. Not to mention he has changed times and laws and allowed all legalized all kinds of horrific evil.  Moreover he is warring with various nations. Antichrist has also instituted his mark of the beast police state and is murdering those who do not take it.  In this period the two witnesses testify and also inflict the earth with more plagues.

 Then come the bowl judgements, the first is that those who took the mark get painful skin sores. At this time the final Christian is martyred and there are no righteous left on the earth.  Just as we will be raptured out before the tribulation begins, the Tribulation Saints will be spared the judgements and after the last one of them has died comes the most horrific plagues. These  judgements occur during the  final 30 days of Daniel’s 1290 days. The 2nd and 3rd bowl judgements pour on all of the oceans, and the waters turn to blood and all sea life dies. With no usable water comes the 4th bowl which is the scorching sun that gives man second and third degree burns for just going outside. Not to mention the fires that will make even today’s numbers seem like nothing.

 The fifth bowl begins the 1st woe, now we are nearing the end. No one has elaborated on the darkness and pain that will come over the Beast’s throne. Many misunderstand this to mean that there will be no sunlight. You are going to hear in this broadcast for the first time what this plague really means. The word for darkness in the Greek defines as darkness of mind, this means that all of the Antichrist’s chief officials or commissioners will be struck suddenly with dementia. A type of dementia that causes physical pain, which dementia can do but this is a specific horrific plague sent by God, a scary variety. Can you imagine what this will be like within Antichrist’s political empire when all of his leading officials get dementia and those who are trusting in the Antichrist and his empire to govern them in these days?  This is the 1st woe..  The 6th bowl and the 2nd woe is the River Euphrates drying, which I am sure will be helped along by the scorching sun plague and the army’s are now on their way to Armageddon for the war to end all wars. At this time Christ returns on a White Horse with the Saints And then comes the 7th bowl and 3rd woe, the world shattering earthquake that levels all mountains and sinks every island in addition to the 100 pound hail. In this quake God destroys the location of political Babylon, the Antichist’s empire and it is split into 3 parts and cities throughout the world collapse.   Through all of these no one is thinking Climate Change, they know this is the hand of God and are angry at him.

Then immediately after comes the sixth seal, which is when the sun darkens, the moon turns to blood and the stars fall from the sky and pummel the earth. Thus on the sixth day of creation man was created and at the sixth seal man and the world created for him is finished.  On the seventh day God rested and at the launching of the seventh seal is silence in heaven. Just as God rested  on the seventh day of creation, there is silence vs rest at the end of man and the earth as we know it. Many have written that the seven seals are a prelude to the seven trumpets when the trumpets actually occur within the time frame of the seals. At the end of the 7th trumpet, the angel proclaims IT IS DONE, which was also said by Jesus just before he died on the cross, “It is finished.” Only when the Angel said IT IS DONE, at that time the sixth seal occurs and then the seventh seal is silence in heaven..

So now that you have the information on the Revelation plagues you know that they have not begun and the current weather are signs of the times and we are nearing the start of the Tribulation. Meanwhile Yahoo news has just published that Climate experts stomped by how fast the weather is changing. We are not stumped, it’s the fig tree ripening, the signs of the times in full force. All the more to believe the Bible as God’s word and trust in Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

For more on end time prophecy check out my website, books, patreon memberships and follow my podcast and subscribe to my channel. Most of all if you do not know Jesus as your personal savior the Bible say to believe on him and you will be saved. For those of us living in these end times we have the hope of the Rapture, and that we will not go through the great Tribulation described in this broadcast, which is the current book I am working on, which provides proof out of the Scriptures. I will keep you posted on its release. Meanwhile God Bless.