Bible Mysteries and Secrets Revealed as Never Before

We hear about the proliferation of knowledge, which is a byproduct of the technological age in which we live, but no one ever considered that the knowledge explosion would also apply to the Bible and its mysteries and secrets would be revealed as never before.
Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:10 tells us that the gospel will be preached to all nations and then the end will come. This is also helped along through technology. Daniel 12:4 predicts the increase in knowledge of the end times, but no one ever thought it also applied to knowledge of the contents and mysteries of the Bible.

With the exponential strides in technology also comes the ability to understand the Bible as never before and seek out its deepest secrets.
You ask how does the technological age help reveal this Bible knowledge?

In the age of Martin Luther, he had to read the Bible word for word to come up with his 95 thesis. He had to understand Greek and Hebrew and learn these languages.  Luther translated the Bible into German with the New Testament published in 1522 and the Old Testament and Apocrypha in 1534.  It took him 12 years to translate the Old Testament with the help of a committee.  It is reported that Luther translated the New Testament on his own in 11 weeks, for the translation of the Old Testament he had had to have a group of individuals to help him accomplish the task. Today the Bible can go from one translation to the next with a click of a mouse.

Study tools such as a Bible Dictionary: the first one was available in 1612 and these were followed by other Bible dictionaries printed in the 17 and 1800’s, which built upon earlier works. Strong’s Concordance an invaluable Bible study tool was published in 1890 and most likely with a committee of Bible Scholars working on the project as when he worked on the committees for the American Standard published in 1901 and other notable Bible works. For years Bible Scholars would use Strong’s Concordance, which allowed them to look up the original Hebrew or Greek word used in the Bible.

In the 1900’s a Concordance and Bible Dictionary were important tools in any scholar’s library along with the works by noted theologians. If a scholar were doing a study in Scripture the scholar would consult these sources and it was a manual process. With these tools now published the access to Bible mysteries and its deeper meanings began to accelerate, but nothing like what happened with the advent of the Internet and the information age.

Today’s Bible Scholar has an online concordance and can do a word study at the click of a mouse and have all of the information in front of him or her and all of the related passages.  Terms in a Bible Dictionary and maps are online and also available with the click of a mouse.  In addition, new information is coming online all of the time of archaeological discoveries and the works of historians, which also adds to understanding the mysterious passages in Scripture.

 In addition, when relating to a Biblical teaching, at one time if you were looking up a Bible verse that you knew connected to what you were researching you would have to search the Bible to look it up to get the quote and now all you have to do is type in the few words into a search engine that you remember and the verse pops up.    If you are studying a topic you can find what is written on the topic by other theologians and scholars with the click of a mouse and another online search.
This allows a Bible scholar to uncover Biblical mysteries that have not yet been figured out and solve them.

Why is God giving us this knowledge in the end times concerning His Word?

As we get closer to the end, the Bible’s deepest mysteries will be revealed.  

So will the Gospel to the four corners of the world so that there is no excuse for those living at the time to not turn to the God of the Bible.  It is God’s grace to give man a chance to repent and bring him or her to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We as Christians living in these end times have a great responsibility to study the Word of God, with the ease of study that is now available there is no excuse. 2 Timothy 2:5 tells us to study the word of God to show thy selves approved.  Martin Luther started the reformation and Christians were murdered, Wycliffe who translated the first Bible into English paid with his life, not only was he placed in a dark dungeon for a year in solitary confinement, but afterword’s died being burned at the stake.  Men and woman paid a price so that we can have the information that is now so readily available to us and in some cases they gave their lives.

We live in a unique period of religious freedom and the dissemination of knowledge. But the Bible also tells us that to whom much is given, much is required.  Some Christian teachers do not put in the time. I see it all of the time in relaying Bible Prophecy news, men and women relay inferior material without going behind the scenes or putting in the effort for solid research, which in the information age is available to all, but you have to put in the time and research.

We are in the end times, we are in an age when not only are the mysteries of the Bible there to discover and are being revealed, but also in an age that we are not under persecution and have freedom of the press so that we can get that information out.

I have actually chronicled my list of discoveries in an article that you can check out in the link below for any of you who are interested and I am making new discoveries all of the time and they are revealed in my books and articles, so you will want to visit my website and look over my books for the areas of Bible Prophecy that interest you for the information.   
 My discoveries are listed in this article.
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