Bible Prophecy News Show -Countdown 100-Epoch Warning

This first broadcast of the Bible Prophecy New’s Show exposes Falun Gong of the Epoch Times and provides other Bible Prophecy New’s segments. The Script is written below.

Hello and welcome to the show I’m Erika Grey and I’m your host. also welcome to my first show of 2021 in my new prophecy news show format. For my regular viewers Iwill appreciate your comments and of course give it a thumbs up to get your message across. Today’s show topic was inspired by a comment by Sword & Stone 1611 and my commentary is titled, “Be wary its end times- exposing Falon Gong Cult in Media.”

2 Timothy Report

We bring you the 2 Timothy report and review the week’s shocking news stories, which fulfill the social signs Jesus predicted would usher in the time of the end.

While an entire show can be done on the end time social signs, in this broadcast I am going to focus on two recent Christmas stories that fits the critera. First of the Nashville suicde bomber who on Christmas day blew up an entire city block while issuing warnings from his rv and playing petula clark’s downtown. Luckily there were only eight people injured and not severely and the bomber killed himself in the blast. If this was not bad enough there is the story of three year old Tony. Tony and his dog were abandoned in a snow covered cemetetary two days before Christmas. One cannot even comprehend this level of evil and cruelty. Imagine Tony’s parents discarding he and his dog as if they were garbage, in the most horrific of places a cemetary and of all times right before Christmas. There are no words for the level of mental cruelty here. A witness saw Tony and the dog running after the vehicle as it drove off. On a positive note, the outpouring of community support was encouraging. The police station had a room full of gifts for Tony that had been brought to him, in addition numerous requests to adopt tony and his dog. One person wrote that they would adopt both Tony and his dog sight unseen.  Tony is now with his aunt and uncle and the dog might be with them as well. Initially until they were discovered Tony went into foster care and the dog was taken to a shelter. This has been Erika Grey with the 2 Timothy report remember to write in your questions or leave them in the comments.  Before we begin today’s topic….

End of the World Weather Report

In weather, the pattern in line with the forecasts is still extreme, from a severe storm that just hit the Northeast United States and then for Christmas came outages and spring temperatures. According to the Weather Channel one of the strongest storms of its kind takes aim on Alaska and severe storms, tornadoes, heavy rain will threaten the South during this holiday weekend. Finally, plauges are pestilence and the covid plauge has seen a mutation that is far more contagious than the one causing the current pandemic and while it started in the UK, it has already made its way to Colorodo and Florida. a final comment, a practially empty Times Square on New Years eve could not have provided a more accurate picture of the devestation of the Covid plauge. 

In Bible Prophecy news

The EU and China has just approved a landmark investment deal and according to NPR snubbed the us in the process. President elect Joe Biden had requested talks on the issue and was ignored. The deal will remove barriers to EU company’s investment in China.

in addition, the EU concluded a trade deal with the UK at the final hour of Brexit, while there are many more details to be worked out, it was more than a good beginning. We see the EU continuing to go forward and through these various deals get stronger and stronger and strengthen their economy. We do see in Revelation 18 that the final world empire, political Babylon is a hub for trade.

In US news, the conservative New York post called on President Trump to stop the insanity.  “Give it up, Mr. President, for your sake and the nations”, it reads, “Mr. President stop the insanity you lost the election-Here’s how to save your legacy.”  The article states that President Trump needs to focus on the run off race in Georgia, which if the republicans gain those seats will seal his legacy, but how he is hurting even that race. and the President cut his holiday trip short to go back to the white house and is still planning on fighting the race right up until the inauguration. Unfortunately our President has become another example of the US’s decline, and not because of any election fraud because there was none but because of the shocking behavior of our President.

Falun Gong Cult

Jesus warned of end time false prophets and that these would grow more numerous as we neared the time of the end. To my shock and horror some of these false prophets have made inroads into evangelical Christianity such as the prosperity gospel teachers, and others have made serious inroads into end time bible prophecy.  Today i am going to provide a brief expose-thanks to sword and spirit, this was his suggestion on the Falun Gong of the Epic Times which are read by many evangelicals who do not know the source. Today I am going to talk about Falun Gong, which is a cult.

Falun Gong started in the early 1990’s in China in an era of meditation practices and energy exercise which Falun Gong provides with Buddhist and Taoist beliefs to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual heights are achieved through eliminating negative karma and accumulating virtue. They aim to achieve Tao and special powers and a level of divinity.

Falun Gong believes that human beings are born good, even divine, but descend into a realm of delusion and bad karma results. they believe in reincarnation and different gods.

They also believe humans are connected to the universe through mind and body and the teachings draw on east Asian mysticism and traditional Chinese medicine.

The main symbol of Falun Gong is the dharma wheel. Which represents the universe, the swastika symbols represent the buddha and the four small yin yang symbols are taken from Daoist tradition.

Its leader and founder Li Hongzhi who believes that when one achieves this they can levitate, and he talks about levitation in his book Zhuan Falun.  Li stated in Time Magazine in 1999 that “the ultimate purpose is to enable people to attain the Tao and to complete their cultivation practice. In the end they can free themselves from the worldly state. I know that human lives are not created from the dimension that human beings think they know.

Falun Gong has a formless structure and does not collect money or teach or interpret for others. There are no leadership within the practice or system of memberships. no churches or places of worship. It is anyone who chooses to identify themselves as such. Yet they operate out of dragon springs a 400-acre compound in Deer Park New York, where their leader Li Hongzhi lives along with hundreds of followers. It is registered as a church. The compound has schools and temples. It is also the headquarters of the Epoch Times and is known as a secretive place among residents. The website says the location contains orphans and refugees.

On 20 July 1999, the communist party leadership initiated a nationwide crackdown intended to eradicate the practice in October 1999 it declared Falun Gong a “heretical organization” that threatened social stability. Falun Gong practitioners in China are imprisoned and brutally tortured. In addition it is estimated that about 45,000 organs have been harvested from their bodies.

Falun Gong administers a variety of extensions in the united states and elsewhere, which have received media attention for their political involvement and message, particularly since their involvement in the 2016 united states Presidential election. Falun Gong extensions include the Epoch Times, a media entity that has received significant media attention for its promotion of conspiracy theories and right-wing politics, and for producing advertisements for United States President Donald Trump, which is not a surprise because of their anti-Chinese communist state stance. According to Kevin Roose of the New York times October 2020 article, how the Epoch Times created a giant influence machine.” He stated that the Epoch Times was a low budget newspaper with anti-China slant that was handed out for free in New York city streets. Things changed after it treated Donald Trump as an ally in Falun Gong’s fight against the communist ruling party in China. It supported Trump and criticized his opponents. After a Facebook campaign it became huge. According to Mr. Roose, “the paper’s leadership envisioned that the Facebook strategy could help turn the Epoch Times into “the world’s largest and most authoritative media.” It could also introduce millions of people to the teachings of Falun Gong, fulfilling the group’s mission of “saving sentient beings. “The paper became a force even into Donald Trump’s inner circle and among Evangelical Christians. I will conclude with Mr. Roose’s statement, the organization and its affiliates have grown, in part, by relying on sketchy social media tactics, pushing dangerous conspiracy theories, and downplaying their connection to Falun Gong, an investigation by the times has found. The investigation included interviews with more than a dozen former Epoch Times employees, as well as internal documents and tax filings. many of these people spoke on the condition of anonymity because they feared retaliation, or still had family in Falun Gong. So be careful folks as you are out there on the internet and check the source of whatever it is you read, these are the end times and Satan is in full force.

Remember write in with your questions, this show has a segment that features them, which brings us to today’s question by Sword and Spirit 1911, do you think we should fight hard against mask-wearing?

We are in the end times, Jesus told us in Matthew 24:7 that there would be famines and pestilences and earthquakes, pestilences includes illnesses virus’s.  Several end times channels report on these as they have emerges, SARS, Ebola, Zika and now COVID.  You saw Asians wearing masks as part of their travel routine because of the SARS and other virus’s. Yes, wear a mask, while Psalm 91 offers us protection there is also enough leading doctors worldwide advocating mask wearing that I would wear a mask.  This channel does not take a conspiracy view of COVID.  It’s a real plague.