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It is surprising that in key Bible Prophecy search terms on Google, the Cult’s Bible Prophecy websites rank within the top search results. Not only do their websites show up from one of their articles but also from several meaning that they can hold several places on Google’s first pages.  Some of these sites are well done. So there is a great deception on Google itself and it is because of their algorithm favoring backlinks which will be more apt to occur on sites with big followings which these sites will garnish through the church’s main website. What is interesting is that on several of these sites you have to really search the site to find the teacher’s affiliation and this no doubt is a deception coming from Satan himself in the area of end time Bible Prophecy.
On this Directory of Best and Worst Bible Prophecy Teachers is the category called Bible Prophecy NO GO ZONES. These are websites on the internet that no Evangelical should go and if they find themselves getting information from one of these sites they should exit the site and discount all that they have read.
The Bible Prophecy No Go Zone list comprises of the Cult’s websites and their teachers.  These sites are so far from the mainstream that they are an absolute NO GO ZONE.
Beyond Today-United Church of God ‚ÄďNO GO ZONE
The United Church of God, which is a branch of Armstrogism and they dont believe the Trinity and teaches that Salvation is not by Grace and includes works, and they teach the observance of holy days in the Old Testament.  In their end time teachings they teach that Ephraim and Manasseh apply to Britain and the United States. They also teach that that people of Western European descent, primarily the original British colonies and the United States, are direct physical descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of the northern kingdom of ancient Israel,  Thus their seven prophecies that must be fulfilled before Jesus Christ returns are inaccurate and in the area of Bible Prophecy teachings they are a no go zone.
The Trumpet with its Trumpet Brief is another branch or website of Armstrongism and teaches that the Bible foretold Brexit, which is consistent with Armstrongism, and the erroneous teaching that the Jewish tribe of Ephraim is Britain and the United States is Manasseh. ¬†They make many references to the ‚Äú10 lost tribes‚ÄĚ to support their teaching of the EU and Britain in Bible Prophecy. ¬†This is wrong on so many levels. In the Revelation we do not see the tribe of Ephraim, this is because Ephraim is the Church under Grace that is raptured out of the earth before the start of the Tribulation. Ephraim is the grafted in Gentiles.¬† Armstrong teaches that Israel is Western Europe because these are where the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom migrated according to his theory.

News and Prophecy Tomorrow’s World (under Bible Prophecy News)

This is another division of Armstrongism.   Here they teach that the three subdued kings of the book of Daniel 
occured during the Roman Empire and is past. They also teach the division of the two legs during the Roman empire
which is also taught erroniousously by other Bible Prophecy teachers. They also teach that  the ten kings who are 
successors of the Eastern and Western Leg will unite and form the final world empire we see predicted
in Bible Prophecy. This division is already happening within the EU and is incorrect in this analysis which does 
at all look at international affairs or the current instituational structure of the European Union in which this is already 
being fulfilled in. 

When will the world end according to Bible Prophecy? This is the question that shows up on the first pages of Google search and takes you to the Jehovah Witness page. The Jehovah Witnesses are off on so much theologically that there is no way they can have any portion of their end time material that is even half way decent.  Why Google is even ranking this site third under is beyond comprehension as it is mainly a Jehovah Witnesses church site with very general teaching on the end of the world and Armageddon,  This evidences that Google is not providing the best results in search under the search term Bible Prophecy.  For the Evangelical born again Christian it is a NO GO ZONE.
Seventh Day Adventist  with Mark Fox
While the presentation of this website and of the tapes looks pretty professional, this sight is Seventh Day Adventist, which reject key Evangelical Christian doctrines. They reject salvation through grace and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and that salvation is in part through works. They teach that one cannot know for sure if they are saved and that humans do not possess an immortal soul.  They also teach that there is no consciousness after death and the wicked do not go to hell but are permanently destroyed and other non-evangelical beliefs.
Seventh Day Adventists interpret the ten kings in Daniel as 10 divisions of the old Roman Empire, recount the history of Neapolitan and Hitler, even off a brief history of the European Union that does not draw any conclusion.  It is evident that their writer’s writing their prophecy material are not versed in international affairs on any level.  There is a real deception to the site as it adopts terms that sound like Evangelical Christianity but is in actuality far from it. Such terms as:
Forever free ministries 
Amazing Prophecies
Voice of Prophecy
Adding even more to the deception is that the website looks real professional as do their videos, but for any evangelical Christian this website is a NO GO ZONE. is another seventh day Adventist site. This site gives a greater glimpse into their Bible Prophecy teachings and reveals off the wall analysis is written by a crazy person.  This site teaches that the papacy is the Beast of Revelation and already received its deadly head wound by Napoleon’s General Berthier 1n 1798. The United States is the Revelation’s Beast that comes out of the earth and is the False Prophet.  That the two horns represent civil and religious liberty or Republicanism and Protestantism.  Their writers of prophecy are sound like they are writing pure fiction because there is no level of knowledge evidenced by either their Biblical or Political analysis, which appears to have been written by a grade schooler.

The World’s Last Chance

This group corrected the Seventh Day Adventist beliefs they were not in agreement with or that they felt deviated from the orginal, but at the end of the day it is a Sevent Day Adventist site that shows up under Bible Prophecy News. The headline on the first page appears general enough, it reads, Preparing a People for the Saviors Soon Return.
In this Seventh Day Adventist Site, the author links to all other sites. They do not identify themselves as Seventh Day Adventists but in their beliefs there is a verse on the Sabbath.  This is a tell tale sign. This site believes and teaches that the predictions of the Antichrist occurred during the Holy Roman empire and that many of the teachings that are taught as yet future actually already happened.  This site links to all of the sites below, which are more Seventh Day Adventist sites and teachings.
Below is the list of Seventh Day Adventist Bible Prophecy Teachers:
Doug Batchelor
Herbert Edgar Douglass
Eric Flickinger
Stephen P. Bohr
To recap on all three sites, the websites are as follows:
www.Jw.Org (another seventh day adventist Bible Prophecy site
The Bible Prophecy teachers are as follows:
Doug Batchelor
Stephen P. Bohr
Herbert Edgar Douglass
Eric Flickinger
Mark Fox
For more:

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