Bible Prophecy Unfolding- EU EMPIRE of the Revelation

I keep writing about and talking about the European Union as the final world empire that is spoken of and forecast by Daniel the prophet and John in the book of Revelation

And I have written about the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This is where EU officials are going to be meeting and are going to decide on the future of the EU and they are going to revamp the current European Union. The proposals are already on the table for political union and a union in which we would see the 10 King Federation.

 Folks this is the EU Empire, the final world empire that is going to launch the Antichrist, that is going to rule the world.

Jean-Claude Juncker the Commission president, which is the leading presidency in the EU has issued a White Paper on the Future of Europe .When the EU issues these white papers it means serious business. This is a serious proposal, it is taking all the talk all that has been written about all that has been speculated and giving it a full-fledged roadmap and form, so that this is what will take place on the twenty-fifth of this month of March.

This is it folks, this is the final world empire that we are seeing come into fruition and I’ve been reporting on this all along. It’s currently all in place. It just needs to get stronger to be in line with end times Bible prophecy. But, it is also the Antichrist who will come into this Empire and lead it to its pinnacle of power.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you need to accept him as your Savior.  If these things show anything, it shows that the God of the Bible is real; that what has been forecast is coming to pass. We’re watching it unfold before our very eyes.

If you know Jesus as your personal Savior and you are not committed, you need to get committed. You need to get sold out to the Savior today.

 Folks, this is the final world empire and I know that some of you are subscribing to the teachings of Islam as the Beast of Revelation, it is not the Beast of Revelation.

It does not fit in the forecast. We don’t see the geopolitical fit like we do with the European Union and you cannot listen to everything that you read in the media; that the EU is going to dissolve, it’s going to fall apart.

 I have been following and writing about this [the EU]  since 1989 and I can tell you one thing, the EU has continued to evolve and grow and continues to evolve despite the skeptics in the media who at every juncture [of the EU’s evolution have ]something negative to say. When the euro was being launched it was stated that it [the euro] was going to fall apart. So folks tune in to my channel, subscribe to Prophecy Talk today as I follow the development of the EU Empire.

 Yes folks, this Empire is going to launch the Antichrist.

It is going to be the final world empire and in the Book of Daniel we see that the final order, the final world order is an age of empires with one leading empire the European Union [or the revived Roman Empire as it is known].

So no matter how much you may think this is ridiculous, that EU is going to fall apart, watch the news in six months to a year’s time. You will see that it does not take place[the EU falling apart]. You will see that for all that has been stated about how the EU is going to fall apart it continues to move forward and this [White] paper is evident.

This event is also evident [60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome] and I plan on being there and reporting to you live from Rome on the twenty-fifth when EU leaders are all going to be meeting [to determine how to go forward and revamp the EU into a new Europe] and when individuals will be marching from around the EU in various cities for the unity of Europe.

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