Bible Puzzle -Bible Prophecy- All Pieces Must Fit

I’m going to use as an illustration. This is your best-selling puzzle on amazon. It is a thousand-piece puzzle. Some puzzles go up to 3,000 pieces.

¬†I would liken in Bible prophecy to a 3000 piece puzzle. Bible Prophecy is like a puzzle. ¬†Only it’s not like a puzzle that you would expect. It’s not a puzzle that if you’re missing a piece or if you put a piece in the wrong place you can get the puzzle to work by either finding the missing piece or by finding where the piece will fit.

Instead relating end time world affairs to Bible Prophecy is like a puzzle. If you do not get one piece to fit the entire puzzle has to be discarded. Bible Prophecy is a puzzle that you’re piecing. You are taking Scripture and you are showing what is happening in current world affairs. ¬†If one piece is missing and is inaccurate your whole theory is going to be inaccurate. Your speculation is going to be inaccurate. Let me give you an example. ¬†If I tell you the EU is the final world empire it’s got to fit piece by piece with every other piece that is forecast an end time Bible Prophecy. If one of those pieces is inaccurate then the puzzle needs to be discarded.
¬†If I tell you that a particular kingdom or Empire is going to launch the Antichrist but that Empire will not give the Antichrist access to new technologies then that theory is discarded; ¬†All the pieces have to fit. On Prophecy Talk you will find all pieces of the puzzle that fits and details that do piece together and present to you the picture that the puzzle presents. If you’re unsure of the pieces you can go to my website the website is divided per topic. If you’re unsure of what it looks like in its entire picture you can look over some of my books.
One of my books is now free on YouTube. Under the playlist I will have more that will come available. If you do not want to purchase the book and you would like to view it for free I have it for free so that you can see what this puzzle is beginning to look like. ¬†I’ve tried to simplify this so that I can present you the picture as clearly as possible with as many details as possible and details that do in fact fit.For more on end time Bible prophecy subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.

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