Biden Losing Grip In New Order Desperately Hangs On

The World Order has changed. President Joe Biden is desperately trying to hold onto the Old-World Order, which was led by America. But it is too late, America is no longer in the lead in this multipolar world which fits the description of the world order in the book of Daniel. This will have a leading empire: the revived Roman Empire, which is todays European Union.  Sadly, this isn’t taught by today’s prophecy teachers. Perry Stone made a video about Joe Biden based on a supposed word from God. This was relayed as Biden having a secret meeting and how there would be a snare at their table.  While this amassed over 700k views, I can certainly tell you there was no word from God or secret meeting. President Joe Biden is desperately trying to hold onto the Old-World Order, or George Bush’s New World Order that is now passed, that was rules based and spearheaded by the United States.

Perry Stone hints at a conspiracy with his supposed word from God. I guess the Bible and the many details it provides is not enough in his teachings, he adds his own fiction.   On December 9 and 10th Joe Biden held his “Democracy Summit” which is the first of two summits for Democracy which brought together leaders from government, and society in a shared effort to set an agenda for democratic renewal and take a stand against authoritarian regimes.  This is Biden desperately trying to hold onto the Old Order, where America wrote the rules. But it is too late, the Order has changed, we are in a multipolar world of empires, and it will be soon be headed by the European Union in preparation for the arrival of the Antichrist who will take charge of its leading presidency.

I listened to Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen’s speech at the summit and heard with my own ears the EU hijack that summit from the United States by first emphasizing their contribution to maintaining democracy by their Digital Services Act, which rewrites the rules for the internet and how they are going to add hate speech and hate crimes to the list of crimes in their treaties.  How their conference on the future of Europe is giving a greater say to the people of Europe, and how they are going to protect journalists with a new Media Freedom Act, laws that will most likely like other EU initiatives need to be adopted worldwide to trade in their vast market, which makes up a portion of many nations’ GDP. During Von Der Leyen’s 4-minute speech she also talked of their launching “A global Gateway in which €300 billion in investments between 2021 and 2027 will underpin a lasting global recovery.

High Representative Vice-President, Josep Borrell stated, With the Global Gateway Strategy we are reaffirming our vision of boosting a network of connections, which must be based on internationally accepted standards, rules and regulations in order to provide a level-playing field.” Global Gateway and the US initiative Build Back Better World will mutually reinforce each other. In addition to the EU”s hijacking the Democracy Summit, Olaf Scholz, Angela Merkel’s former Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor of Germany has become Germany’s new chancellor. Unlike Merkel whose approach was often more conciliatory within the 27-nation union, and one of consensus building. Scholz is now going to put Germany’s weight behind a Federal Europe.  This is the type of union that unfolds prophecy as it will lend to the EU becoming a powerful empire. This also coincides with Mario Draghi the former head of the European Central Bank who is now leading Italy, joining this rank, which is spearheaded by French President Emmanuel Macron.

France on January 1 will head the rotating Council presidency. France last held it 13 years ago and it is about to come under the helm of Emmanuel Macron who according to Euractiv stated in their article “Macron presents France’s EU Council presidency priorities”,

The first objective of the French presidency will be to move from a Europe of cooperation within our borders to a powerful Europe in the world, fully sovereign, free to make its own choices and master of its own destiny,” The head of state also said Macron called for an industrial revival in key sectors such as hydrogen batteries, semiconductors, cloud, defense, health and culture. “We must guarantee Europe’s position and its strength in defining the standards of tomorrow, said Macron.

These are not just words spoken off the cuff, these are proclamations knowing the current strength of the Union and the behind the scenes workings. You have the Europhiles aim of making the euro a major world reserve currency. The Bruegel established in 2005 is an economic think that does nothing but study the intricacies of the EU economy and make recommendations for economic policy making. You have Eurofi a European platform that brings together leading EU financiers and does not let in journalists to their meetings, that make recommendations to strengthen the euro, which includes advice on the banking union and capital markets union.  This will catapult the EU financial market to on par with the United States. Moreover, they plan an EU wide index, which will rival the S&P 500.  As I read of these things, I could not help but feel sadness knowing that it is only a matter of a short time for the EU to take the lead over the United States and it to be recognized as such.  Also knowing that the greatness of the United States will soon be a past part of its history.  While I have known that this was all going to happen given the prophetic forecasts, seeing it unfold is sobering.

Meanwhile Russia has said it may now deploy missiles facing Europe, this will only speed up the EU forming their own army.  In this issue we see the US jockeying for position as the protector of its brand of democracy in a conflict that is the first of this multipolar world and between two empires: Russia and the EU. The US sent 300 million dollars to Ukraine and issued a series of threats of sanctions to bring Russia to the ground if it does not comply. The US isn’t helping its aim, indirectly it is helping to build the EU empire.

 In another first the US will start a dialogue towards a new defense and security with the European Union. According to Euractiv They also called the “need to develop coherent, complementary, and interoperable capabilities” and “support the fullest possible involvement of the United States in EU defense initiatives”. This is a first of the US aligning with the forming EU miliary vs. NATO which represents the cornerstone of US security policy.  With all of the US talk of our friends and allies, the EU just developed its own trade weapon to impose sanctions on rivals.  This was ignited from Trump’s tariffs on EU steel and aluminum and this despite Biden being in office. Biden who is desperately trying to hold onto the Old World Order where America reigned supreme.

Meanwhile in nature the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world according to NOAA report. In addition, the Kentucky tornadoes despite tornado warning systems defied the technology and left a trail of devastation across six state and a death count of 74 and possibly rising, with the governor of Kentucky announcing that many towns have been completely wiped out.

Finally, Israel’s prime minister Naftali Bennet met in a historic meeting with the UAE Crown Prince. Never-the-less there are now threats of war with Iran. And this is pushing the JCPOA to the fore and however all this will end in world affairs, it will lead to a peace recorded in Ezekiel 38 to 39, which leads to the turning point war that completes the end of the age of the Gentiles and ushers in the time for the Jews and makes the way for the Antichrist’s peace treaty.

The Bible is unprecedented in its accuracy of end time prophecy that would unfold in the end of days. It is staggering how many details are seemingly hidden within the words of Scripture. All giving glory to the God of the Bible.

For more on end time Bible Prophecy check out my website, books and most important if you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior the Bible says to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Till next time God bless.