Book: The Wind Cries Mary: Murders That Shook A Power Town

The Wind Cries Mary: Murders That Shook A Power Town¬†brings to the true crime reader’s attention several¬†Connecticut killers¬†whose crimes have escaped the¬†annals of the nation‚Äôs most brutal killers¬†and places them on the map.
The true events, which occurred during both the Mount murder and the Rice homicides offer the reader an emotional and riveting story.
Ten-year-old Mary Mount, the daughter of a wealthy¬†IBM¬†executive was abducted when child abductions were almost unheard of.¬†Law enforcement officials conducted the most extensive search for any one child in CT’s history. Three weeks later, two boys out fishing discover Mary Mount‚Äôs decomposed body. The place where Mary was found gives clues to her killer.
One year and a half later 17 year old John Rice, brutally murdered four members of his family. Before their murders he admitted to hunting other victims to kill for the thrill of killing.   He immediately became a suspect in the Mary Mount murder. The Court found Rice not guilty of his crimes by reason of insanity and the State of Connecticut sent Rice to the Whiting Forensic Institute which released him five and a half years later. 
All true crime books either catalog various killers or provide the details for one story. The Wind Cries Mary does both.   While focusing on the Mary Mount Murder, the book accounts the crimes of three Connecticut serial killers who became suspects in her murder.    Other renowned killers come into focus as John Rice’s insanity defense is examined. A couple of unsolved serial homicides are highlighted to see if they have any possible tie in to John Rice who was freed over 30 years ago.
In addition, The Wind Cries Mary brings in Criminal Profiler Gregory M. Cooper, who provides his expert advice regarding the Mary Mount case and put together the sequence of events that most likely occurred the day of Mary’s abduction and also his analysis for the John Rice murders.
Criminal Profiler, international speaker, consultant and author,¬†former Provo, Utah police chief, Gregory M. Cooper, was employed by the¬†FBI, serving in various investigative and supervisory positions, including the¬†Critical Incident Response Group,¬†FBI Academy, Quantico VA.¬† He served as national manager of the¬†Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP); supervisor of the Investigative Support Unit and FBI Academy Instructor of Criminal Psychology, Criminal Investigative Analysis and Analytical Aspects of Criminal Behavior. ¬†He¬†consulted internationally with law enforcement agencies on over¬†1, 000 cases and served with the¬†Department of Homeland Security. ¬†As an expert witness in crime scene analysis, he¬†provided expert testimony which behaviorally linked multiple homicides from separate jurisdictions contributing to the conviction of a serial killer.¬†¬†¬†This case is highlighted in¬†John Douglas’¬†The New York Times¬†best seller,¬†Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit¬†¬†¬†
Greg Cooper co-authored:
 Crime Classification Manual: A Standard System for Investigating and Classifying Violent Crimes, 
Who Killed King Tut?: Using Modern Forensics to Solve a 3,300-year-old Mystery, 
Predators: Who They Are and How to Stop Them.  
Cooper also authored instructional manuals for law enforcement, which titles include:
 Cold Case Methodology 
Cold Case Methodology,
 Analyzing Criminal Behavior and Victimology, Predators Part I.  
Cooper has also appeared in documentaries which have been featured on the Discovery Channel and Court TV.   
The Wind Cries Mary is officially for sale and you can find The Wind Cries Mary: Murders That Shook A Power Town on I am excited about the book being available in the marketplace. I will be looking forward to the feedback, thus far the feedback has been expressed as surprise that I was able to gather so much information and how did I do it.

While I write on end time Bible Prophecy and nearly all of my books are teachings on the book of Revelation, this is my one secular work and I could not resist writing the story because it happened in my home town right down the road from the house where I grew up.

This story was so close to home I had to write about it.

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