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The 144 Thousand in Revelation: Explained and Identified- Israel’s Haredim

 Author: Erika Grey  Category:  Published: September 5, 2021  ISBN: 1940844428  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

The book of Revelation is a Jewish book. The 144 thousand anointed servants from each of the twelve tribes of Israel appear in Revelation 7, 14 and 15. These young men play a major role during the Tribulation. This work explains and examines their anointing, ministry, divine appointment, and place in the heavenly kingdom. In addition, after further investigation the 144 thousand servants are identified as rising from Israel’s Haredim. You will discover the details of the book of Revelation’s description that only could be met by the Haredi Jews. Moreover, this work proves this finding by looking at the actual population numbers and reporting on the passage in this light. For an in-depth understanding of the 144 thousand servants in the book of Revelation along with learning about the Haredim that fits their identity, this book is a must read. This dissertation is another example of Erika Grey’s unmatched in-depth analysis of the Scriptural forecasts and their relation to today’s events, which reports first time exclusive information not found anywhere else.

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