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The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union

 Author: Erika Grey  Category: Religion  Publisher: Pedante Press  Published: February 15, 2010  ISBN: 0979019923  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

The Seat of The Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union identifies the European Union as the final world empire and explains what Bible Prophecy predicts will occur in the end times.The reader discovers the relationship between Bible Prophecy, the European Union and today’s current affairs. The Seat of the Antichrist details the European Union’s history and institutional structure and shows how it aligns with Bible Prophecy. Bible Prophecy comprises one third of the Bible. The Bible’s last book, The Revelation, predicts the events leading to the end of the world. It provides the details for the Tribulation, which occur during a seven year period of wars, plagues, earthquakes and calamities, which end in the battle of Armageddon. Part of the earth’s judgments happen through a leader who rises to power from the final world empire predicted in Bible Prophecy. Evangelical Christians customarily refer to this leader as The Antichrist. The Seat of the Antichrist is the first book dealing with Bible Prophecy, which shows prophecy’s relation in the present geopolitical framework and in doing so dismisses end-time conspiracy theories, which Bible Prophecy works often rely on. No book dealing with Bible Prophecy provides such in-depth analysis and extensive research as The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union, which presents the reader with a gripping, riveting expose.

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