Breakthrough-Scientists Change DNA In Human Embryo

It happened and it occurred in America, MIT Technology review reported that the first Human Embryo was edited in the United States by CRISPR.  

Years ago when cloning was in the news End Time Bible Prophecy watchers were worried what it might lead to but it never made it into the mainstream.

 More frightening than cloning is rewriting the  human gnome.  According to MIT’s article  Rewriting Life

First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. Researchers have demonstrated they can efficiently improve the DNA of human embryos. This feat was accomplished by a team of Researchers in Portland, Oregon using CRISPR, which is the gene cutting tool.  Prior to doctors testing this in the US scientists experimented with it in China. The objective of scientists is to correct gens, which is called Germline engineering.  They corrected some gene editing errors and were able to succeed in editing their first human embryo.

This is scary stuff! Human Gene editing, and I have talked about some of the experiments performed on animals in my book Decoding 666: the Number of the Beast, but this is a first major stride to be made in humans and for doctors the hope is that they can irradiate disease and perfect human anatomy with super hearing and eyesight among other super human attributes.   

As I also stated in my book, we can speculate that during the Tribulation the Antichrist will legalize all kinds of human experiments as he changes times and laws as the book of Daniel predicts.

 On the topic of genetic modification and cloning, the Daily Mail reported that scientists genetically modified a dog to be a super dog that is extra strong and can run fast by doubling its muscle mass. After achieving the super dog they cloned it. Humans will be next.
Right now there is almost this acting as God aspect to those who are conducting experiments with CRISPR.  It is my feeling that while one problem may seem solved or a disease eliminated from the gene, there will be something that will surface later in the person’s life in an area that is unknown because of the modification. The reason I speculate this is because for all that science knows, there are still vast amounts of information that are will never be known or understood.  We see this in the grievous sores that erupt on those who take the Mark of the Beast as an unexpected resulting effect or plague from a seemingly harmless procedure.

Meanwhile this is a horrific development and one which is another sign of being in the end times, and which the Antichrist will promote in his diabolical empire during the Tribulation. What this tells us is that the Tribulation is not far off. 


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