Can You Feel Pain in Hell

Have you ever asked the question? Can you Feel Pain In Hell?

You can feel pain in hell.  How will one feel pain if you are no longer in the physical body.  The human body immersed in fire would burn to bone fragments. This is not what happens when a diseased person subjected to the fire in Hades or Hell. The spiritual body stays intact. According to the story of the Rich man and Lazarus, the rich man feels the intense heat of the flame and is tormented by it but does not burn up to a cinder in the flame.  He feels intense heat to the point that his tongue is parched and he craves a drop of water.
Our spirits regain a receptors to our body.  In the same way when someone loses a body part the brain still remembers the body part as being there and an amputee will go to move a foot that is no longer attached.  These receptors are also attached to our spirit, and from our bodies to our spirit.  Thus, our bodies are not pure shells when we depart them, but they still retain receptors to our spirit which is why when persons receive body parts they acquire likes of the person whose body the part came from.   This is also Biblical for we are told that when Cain slew Able, his blood cried to God from the ground.  Likewise when Elisha died and was buried and a dead man was placed in his tomb and the body of the dead man touched Elisha’s bones, he came back to life.   The Bible refers to death as sleep. While many view the body as a shell for the spirit, it possesses receptors that join it to its spirit much like a battery fits into a slot.
The Spirit and even the glorified spiritual body which will not feel pain, will in fire will feel torment vs. total destruction. While it is less pain than what their physical bodies would feel in a fire, they will feel the torment of intense heat and will even feel thirst and long for relief.  It is so bad that the Rich man in the story of the rich man and Lazarus longs for one drop of water on his tongue. This also lets us know that the spiritual body mirrors our physical body. So yes, you can feel pain in hell, but it is to a different degree than our physical bodies.  The Revelation tells us that the smoke of the torment of those who are in the Lake of Fire goes up forever and ever.
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