Lion of Bashan Reveals Details of the Antichrist

The Bible describes the Antichrist by over 30 titles. The lion of Bashan, which identifies with the Tribe of Dan reigns as the most significant title and also reveals some shocking details about the Antichrist.¬† Surprisingly the theologian who listed the 30 missed this most important title among the many he listed. Bible‚Äôs First Prophecy … Read more

Neural Lace -A Mark of the Beast Development

Neural lace is detailed in an article ¬†by Tech World titled ‚ÄúWhat is neural lace? How can neural lace be used? Introducing Elon Musk‚Äôs latest Venture Neuralink‚ÄĚ Neural lace merges brains with computers.¬† It is an ultra thin mesh that can be injected into the skull and when the mesh is injected it unravels and … Read more

Breakthrough-Scientists Change DNA In Human Embryo

It happened and it occurred in America, MIT Technology review reported that the first Human Embryo was edited in the United States by CRISPR.¬†¬† Years ago when cloning was in the news End Time Bible Prophecy watchers were worried what it might lead to but it never made it into the mainstream. ¬†More frightening than … Read more

Bible Prophecy Update-Antichrist’s Army Forming Now

In a previous video I discussed how the EU Army has been evolving since the inception of the EU. It’s no secret that the European Union has wanted its own army and if you tune into my previous video you can learn more of the details of this evolution. Here in this video this is … Read more