China, Russia, US, EU, Israel- Paving Path to Ezekiel 38-39

The 22nd meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian political economic and security institution headquartered in Beijing took place in September. Its members include China, Russia, India, Five Stan nations, which also includes Pakistan and at this summit, Iran and Turkey are seeking membership. Coincidentally all the above nations minus China are in the Ezekiel 38 war coalition.  Thus, the SCO further cements many of these nations into a security and economic agreement.

Moreover, Russia officially held a referendum and now includes the Eastern Donbas region as part of Russia.  This also unfolds prophecy as Ukraine is part of this future coalition. Despite the European Union and US protests and hitting Russia with more sanctions, we know from prophecy this region will go forward as a part of Russia, Will Russia acquire all of Ukraine, enough of it now is absorbed to fulfill the prophecy but we will only know that detail if it unfolds in that direction. The Scripture provides names of the ancient tribes that formed various nations and specifies those areas.

Of interest is the US sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. While this greatly serves the US liquified gas industry, it also harms the European Union this rising powerful empire, which is partnering with the United States. While the EU is fast reducing its gas dependance on Russia in retaliation to its war with Ukraine, it was not ready for a total cut off and I am sure the US gambled with this and weighed the costs and felt it was in US interests on many fronts. But I would expect in the future repercussions on the part of the EU towards the US for this move. Most likely it will cause the EU to become more insular, more of a self-sufficient empire, which will lend to its own strength. This is in line with the prophetic.

On another note, Israel and Turkey are improving relations and restoring diplomatic ties, the Abraham accords have also expanded into a free trade deal further cementing the peace and opening it up for new members and is promoting peace for Israel in the Middle East. This peace is what is described in the Ezekiel 38 passage.  This must occur before the Ezekiel 38-39 war can take place. But there are two issues that must change. One is Iran and Israel are not at peace.  This peace must take place for the Ezekiel war to occur, and it is an area to follow. The second is that the EU’s high representative Joseph Borell held high level talks, the first in more than a decade with Israel.  While many topics were on the table, so were discussions of a two-state solution, which Prime Minister Lapid stated he would aim for at the UN, and he stated this to Borell. But this is a wrench in the fulfillment of prophecy because future Israel is not divided, and neither is Jerusalem. So, this makes Israel’s elections another watch point, and I would expect a change. Moreover, expect one from the European Union on the two-state position.

Meanwhile the birth pangs are in full force from the weather patterns to nation rising against nation.  US President Biden stated that he would initiate a war over Taiwan if China attacked it. Yet another possible US war and conflict. Finally, the world is in an economic crisis because of the boomerang sanctions against Russia. It is creating a worldwide crisis. We don’t know how deep or wide this will go but it is not looking promising. In June of 2023, the EU will appoint a new commission president, which is its leading presidency. We will keep an eye on this nomination and leader whose rule will begin January 1, 2024.  Also, in time for the coming treaty changes.  Ursula von Der Leyen at the EU’s recent state of the union address officially launched the process for treaty changes called an intergovernmental conference.  We will keep an eye on this and expect these changes to further evolve the EU empire into the revived Roman empire that will provide the seat for the Antichrist. Moreover, is this world economic crisis now paving the way for his soon arrival.  Till next time if you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior the Bible says to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. He is the only hope for what lies ahead.