Creflo Dollar-Poster Boy For Greed

Creflo Dollar asked his congregation for donations for a new 65 million dollar jet so he can fly around the world and preach the gospel. His jet of choice is one that is owned by billionaires. This should add nicely to his Rolls Royce, Bently’s and his million dollar homes. What one has to question is how Creflo Dollar can live such a lifestyle off of donations from people who give and believe their gift is helping fulfill the great commission and to help support a minister of the gospel. Creflo Dollar’s request struck many in the media who reported on his attempting to get donations for a jet as a sign of greed.

 . CNN reported that Creflo’s toilet is valued at 23k and there are four other major evangelists undr investigation of their use of tax-free dollars.    Creflo Dollar and mega church evangelists who have been overtaken by greed are not alone as even some ministers of smaller churches are guilty as well. Men like Creflo Dollar expect everyone in their church to give so that they can live the standard they expect to live. How horrible is it that he should have to fly in a broken down jet. He claims he needs the funds to spread the gospel, but a lot of missionaries and ministries can be supported on 65 million dollars. What about Creflo Dollar’s Rolls Royce’s Bentleys and his expensive toilet?  How many widows gave their mite, or poor persons who could barely buy food gave sacrificially so that Creflo can own these luxuries? 
Creflo Dollar’s problem is greed and isn’t it funny that Dollar is his last name. 

Bible Prophecy forecasts this kind of greed. In these end times not only are we seeing people in society commit unbelievable acts, but pastors and ministers in the church as well.  

Creflo Dollar needs to read his Bible and follow Jesus example. He needs to  learn of the prophets who lived simple lives.  How can a pastor preaching the gospel of Jesus live so entrenched in this world’s goods? 

Creflo Dollar fits perfectly in Bible Prophecy’s prediction found in 2 Timothy 3: 1-2. 

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money…” It is a sad day when we see ministers of the gospel of Jesus overtaken by greed and becoming lovers of money. Creflo Dollar can very well be the poster boy for greed, with the caption, “I am not named Dollar for nothing.”

As Creflo Dollar requested 65 million did he even consider the needs of those in his own congregation? I am sure in a church his size there are widows and single mothers who live in poverty and those who can barely afford the repairs for their own homes, or for their vehicles. You have to be one callous individual to take from someone who is poor to feed your own selfish desires and that is what men like Creflo Dollar do when they ask for 65 million to purchase a jet.  Creflo stated to CNN that he bought homes for parishioners and vehicles, but I am sure the proportion of those who gave sacrificially outweighs his giving in light of his own extravagant spending. 

 While Creflo Dollar is an obvious example of the love of self and the love of money that Bible Prophecy predicts will characterize the end times, this sin has crept into the smaller churches as well among pastors who put their selfish ambitions above the flock and hammer their congregation into giving much like Creflo Dollar.  Creflo teaches that through giving his struggling members will get God’s blessing for their giving in faith. While this teaching is true and many can attest to the blessings that came from their giving, this does not give a pastor the right to exploit this teaching for his own gain.  Some struggle to give and are not blessed because they are poor. Jesus said that the poor will always be among you. These folks should be looked after by the church. Jesus gave to the poor. Judas Iscariot held the funds for the poor and later we learn he was stealing from it because he was a thief.   In the early church the possessions were sold and divided among the people. The church was a community. The strong helping the weak, the rich helping the poor.

 Creflo Dollar is helping Creflo Dollar. It is not just Creflo Dollar, we do not see this community in many evangelical churches today. Someone said that if the churches did their part there would not need to be a welfare system.  In the US churches are given tax exempt status and I assume in part for their contribution to the community.  The problem is that churches are not contributing and helping those within their own church let alone the community.
Concerning the issue of riches, prosperity, wealth and expensive items are not sinful in and of themselves because we see examples in the Bible of men and women who God prospered with great wealth. The Old Testament records Abraham, Joseph, Solomon, and the Queen of Sheba among those who possessed riches. Solomon would have been compared to today’s billionaires. The entire interior of the Temple he built for God was made of gold. It was the most opulent building in all of ancient and modern history. We also see Jesus given a gift of gold by the Magi and of the costly spikenard by the woman who anointed His feet.  Joseph of Aramethia was a wealthy man who gave up his own tomb for Jesus and it fulfilled the Bible Prophecy given in Isaiah 53:9 which states “And they[a] made His grave with the wicked—But with the rich at His death.” 

 Wealth is a blessing given by God and the ability to acquire wealth is a gift. What is unbelievable is when we see a minister of the gospel who is walking in Jesus’s shoes asking for donations to buy a jet and owning a Rolls Royce and multiple expensive homes while he is the pastor of a mega-church, which most likely has many people with needs. 

This is the end times and in these end times it should not surprise us to see pastors helping to fulfill Bible Prophecy.

 I am referring to the prediction in 2 Timothy of the perilous times of the last days, that I mentioned earlier, which begins by stating that men will be lovers of themselves and lovers of money. Sounds like Creflo Dollar. When someone gives themselves to greed they are embracing and idol. 

According to the Bible with every idol comes a curse and the curse of greed is the person feels like they never have enough. Eventually they go to any length to get more money and they will steal like a heroin and drug addict will steal for their next fix, only someone given to greed wants more money.  No matter how much they have it is never enough. In Creflo Dollar’s case there is no regard for his parishioners who are giving. Greed does that as all idolatry. In the person’s pursuit of their god they will harm others.

I know of an elderly man who wiped out his daughter’s finances so that he could continue living way above his means. In their earlier relationship she was her daddy’s little girl.  I have seen children do the same to their parents and rob their siblings in inheritances.  Families divide upon the death of a parent over on relative’s greed.  

We hear the stories of employees robbing and embezzling from their employers, and companies paying their workers menial wages while the top executives become billionaires. Should I also fail to mention the scammers who are as abundant as flies. I spoke to a m.  Small Company’s are to find bookkeepers who do not steal from them. 

 I spoke to a manufacturer this week whose company’s sales on Amazon came to a halt. Customers were calling for information on their purchase that came from China. He said, China? Our products are made in the USA. A Chinese Company hacked their Amazon page and diverted sales to their outfit in China. Amazon resolved the issue but the US Company lost hundreds of thousands in sales. This was the first I heard of a Company hacking into another Company and diverting sales for greed. Among the schemers and scammers I have not even mentioned the Bernie Madoff’s and Ponzi Schemes. Right up there with them are the men who use the ministry of the gospel to take donations to achieve their own selfish aims like Creflo Dollar.
The ultimate crime committed for greed is murder over someone’s possessions, wallet or life insurance policy.  With this being the end times we are hearing more and more stories and people committing all kinds of crimes for their love of money
Creflo Dollar is not stealing, he is expecting an airplane, exploiting the Word of God. I feel sorry for the widows in his church who are struggling, the single mothers, the couples who cannot afford a home or if they own a home cannot afford to maintain it and yet they are going to help Creflo buy a jet, or help him buy one of his homes, or do improvements and additions on his great church building. They are in hopes of having some of the wealth bestowed on Creflo and are forgetting that they with their little money are stewards of what little God has given them. They have helped build Creflo Dollar’s golden calf, or should I say golden dollar. 

Creflo Dollar forgets the servant part of being a preacher and putting his people’s needs first, but that is what happens when you are fulfilling 2 Timothy in Bible Prophecy.

 He is a lover of himself, a lover or money and a poster boy for greed.   

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