Cruelty to Animals-Another Symptom of the End Times

Today I read about the brutality of the Mexican Drug and other gangs that are fast spreading across America with violence so unimaginable, not only against other gang members but even against innocent civilians to exhibit their ruthlessness.  Meanwhile I came across Paul McCartney’s video on which I urge my readers to click on the link and watch if you can get through it.  I watched this with my eyes away from the screen, it is so awful.

In my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union I tell how Jesus forecast that epidemic violence will characterize the end times and the same lawlessness that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah will also lead to the Tribulation.¬†¬† Recently, in my daily Bible reading I read the book of Daniel and Daniel emphasizes that the Tribulation happens when the ‚Äútransgressors are come to the full‚ÄĚ meaning that society will become so evil and sinful that God will bring the world to its end.¬†¬† Reading about the Mexican gangs falls right into the signs of the times and does not surprise a Bible prophecy student, but who would expect mass violence of animals.

In the triad of criminal behavior cruelty to animals is characteristic of a person who is a killer. While having no regard for human life, they also do not have any regard for the life of animals.  In the book of Genesis, the Bible tells us that man is given dominion over animals and they are part of God’s creation and a reflection of his Glory. When we meditate on God and what is wonderful about Him we think of His creations.  The primary verse for the treatment of animals is Proverbs 12:10: A righteous man regards the life of his beast but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.     Here in this link you can read several more verses concerning what the Bible says about the treatment of animals.

While God gave us animals and fish for food we expect the animal to be treated with dignity and the death of the animal as swift and painless as possible.   The video on  will horrify you concerning the treatment of thousands upon thousands of animals by the meat company’s. It should be no surprise in the end times that the brutality men treat each other also flows to their treatment of animals.

I think of the white collared  CEO’s of these company’s looking all business like and polished and yet they are ruthless, sociopathic sharks in pursuit of profits; profits over the humane treatment of their animals.   The Bible tells us that even the animals know God and give him glory.  Scripture also tells us that God feeds the animals and makes sure that they have food which he supplies through the food chain.  Look at this video and see what these company’s and also our government which does not regulate the treatment of these animals have done to God’s creation.  What do you think God thinks of this as He daily watches.  Does this mean that I am speaking against killing animals for food, no but for the ethical treatment of animals. asks people who watch the videos to promise to eat vegetarian. There are company’s that advertise that their chickens are range free and you can also buy range free beef as well.  While these are smaller company’s they do exist. This video reveals the horror show of the meat industry and the pit of hell that it has become for the sake of greed, that’s right, its not about the consumer’s health or the ethical treatment of animals it is about profits.  It is  all about dollars.

  As a Bible Prophecy teacher I can say cruelty to animals is one more symptom of a violent and lawless society. It is a sign of the end times.

I often quote 11 Timothy which states how in the last days men will become brutal and self centered.  This tape is as brutal as any that you will witness, and one more symptom of a society that is ready for God’s judgment  In the mean time you might want to become proactive and write to who you can write to, and boy cot these company’s and buy company’s whose practices and treatment of animals are in line with Scripture.


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