Daniel 11 Unfolds-End Time Alignment of Nations

There is a frightening shift taking place in the global order, it a tectonic geopolitical shift, as if an earthquake took place on the world stage and the rocks or nations are in motion falling and no one knows where on the ground they will end up.  We know from prophecy the future lineup and can gauge where all of this is heading.  In this tumult, the false teachings of a New World Order organized by elites, or of a great reset, which was used and abused by prophecy teachers to support their false teachings also was wiped out in the flood of recent current events. Before I explain I want to highlight that only a decade ago, the weather patterns were increasing in their frequency and severity and now they are constant, I speculated then that we would see death tolls rise from the extreme weather and this too is now happening. From the droughts storms floods heat and fires. My 79-year-old aunt phoned me horrified as she drove along a CT highway and saw grass fires and fire engines putting some of them out.  She said in her entire life she has never witnessed such fires. Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at a rate that scientists called, unusually extensive.  Not to mention the social signs, shootings are now commonplace, and the signs are all there, that not only are going to lead to the start of the Tribulation but also to the great famine of Revelation 6.

Meanwhile we have a new geopolitical line up of nations.  A regional split taking place on the globe. Russia’s economy despite Western sanctions is doing well.  Meanwhile the dollar is near at parity with the Euro due to its raising interest rates to curb inflation.  Many feel that this is the end of the euro, on the contrary Klaus Regling, the ESM’s first managing director, stated that the euro is now in good shape to weather any storm.  But the dollar’s rise is like the Titanic as it was sinking and the ship rose out of the water standing straight up misleading those viewing the spectacle that the ocean liner was going to sail again, it was its rise before its final descent under the water.   

Meanwhile Russia, China and the BRICS nations are forming a new international reserve currency to rival the dollar and the IMF’s special drawing rights. Turkey, Saudi Arabia are considering joining the BRICS. For years now I have talked about the multipolar line up and that we are in an age of empires. We are seeing the book of Daniel lineup. Within the BRICS lineup is Africa: the book of Daniel’s king of the south. While the EU also is aligning with the king of the South and we see conflict in these relations at the time of the end with the Antichrist, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov just went on an African tour to secure Africa’s alinement with Russa and not the West. This is also important because some African nations also take part in the Ezekiel 38-39 war with Russia. It should be noted that while Turkey also part of this future conflict just came out in favor of Sweden and Finland joining NATO if the countries meet Turkey’s demands regarding the extradition of 73 individuals it deems as terror suspects wanted by Turkish authorities. It is on the fence with the deal.

Concerning the European Union, with its reliance on Russian gas it has totally shot itself in the foot with its Russia sanctions. But., the EU is trying to replace with other suppliers, and one is Israel, which will add to paving the way for the Antichrist’s peace treaty. The other is that the EU is taking the lead in Green energy to not only boost its economy but also make it independent of the other empires. Russia is gaining more ground in Ukraine, and this too fits with territory mentioned in the Ezekiel 38-39 war, one that will leave Russia compromised and subdued for a time-when this war takes place- while the EU will continue to rise to power at that time under the Antichrist.  In the meantime, the EU is in a real bind with the continuing war in Ukraine and it is no doubt causing it a setback it looks like this conflict is the last Horrah for the United States.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Personal Savior, the Bible says to believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. All these events are unfolding just as the Scriptures predict. And there is no hope in these end times but in Jesus Christ. For more on end time Bible Prophecy check out my books, I have authored 17 books on end time prophecy, each of them are comprehensive in scope. Many of them are short reads but power packed with information.