Disturbing End Time Sign-Alarming Number of Obese People

The Economist published a finding from a Who Article that said that Obesity more than doubled since 1980,

which caught my attention.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s OECD’s Obesity Update

Over half of all adults are overweight. Overweight and obese people are a majority today in the OECD area. The obesity epidemic continues to spread, and no OECD country has seen a reversal of trends since the epidemic began. Until 1980, fewer than one in ten people were obese in OECD countries. In the following decades, rates doubled or tripled, and are continuing to grow. Across the OECD, 18% of the adult population are obese.
And the rates grew rapidly in Australia, England and the US.   The US has always been dubbed the land of plenty and now it is the land of plenty of fat people.
 I knew as a sign of the end times we would see increases in violence, alcohol and drug abuse, but I never gave a thought to the idea that a sign of the end times would be fat and obese people.  But, this lines exactly with the increases in drug abuse.


The Bible states in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 that in the end times people will be without self-control.

This describes an overeater.

 2 Timothy also states that in the end times people will be lovers of pleasure.

This also describes fat people. They love the pleasure that comes from eating. I am not talking about people who are truly genetically predisposed to being overweight, I know that those persons exist.  I am talking about those who sacrifice their bodies to the love of eating and the god of food.
I know that many obese and fat people who can change how they look are not happy. They eat out of their misery,but they feel such pleasure in eating and the moment they ingest food they feel better. They become addicted to food like one becomes addicted to drugs because it is a pleasure god, and it  helps them escape their bad feelings.   Feel good chemicals are released when we eat certain foods like chocolate or carbohydrates.
There is nothing wrong in enjoying food. God gave it to us to enjoy, but when you destroy your body to have more food than your body can handle then it is a problem.   Part of the problem is that we have a corrupt food supply that is not rich in the foods that God gave us like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Instead we have chemical man made variations, which start with processed sugar, salt and flour, which once processed becomes a poison to the body.  Why were these foods changed by big business?
Processed foods are tailored to your taste buds and they help big business sell more of their products.  It is as if Satan himself has tampered with the food supply.  Not only are people fatter by processed foods and become addicted to them, but they also suffer the related health problems caused by these adulterated foods.
What is surprising about the OECD obese report is that sales of organic foods, which are natural, whole foods have grown steadily since the year 2000.  Yet society is still getting fatter.   This is because we are in the end times and fat and obese people are a sign of the end times.
 What is great about the gospel message it does not matter how dark the times become, God still reigns and Jesus Christ still saves and if you are suffering from within the food addiction prison house you can get deliverance, which I write about in my book Free From Captivity, Biblical Secrets to Overcoming Addiction.
While this article and accompanying video might offend many, including many within the churches  I have to report it because

it is a sure sign that parallels increases in other excesses and vices that are sure signs that we are living in the end times.

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