Donald Trump’s Pro Isreal Will it Save America?

Donald Trump wants to make moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a big priority. This makes a big statement on his part, which has got Evangelicals thrilled because of our position on Israel and Jerusalem.
Ā Donald Trump is pro-Israel and is going to be more pro-Israel than previous presidents. Many evangelicals believe that the reason for the United States is blessed is because of our friendship with Israel. Because of the Scripture that promises that those who bless thee God will bless and those who curse thee God will curse. Ā The question is will this shift in the USā€™s position help restore the United States to the leading place it held in the world and the answer is no. The US is still going to decline. The EU is going to rise to world empire status because of our position with Israel. When we do decline it will not be a total disaster or destruction. Ā We will still retain being a great nation, which we see described in Jeremiah 6:22, which refers to a great nation from the sides of the earth that is going to Armageddon.
The US we know is going to lose its leading position in the world, but we can safely say because of the friendship with Israel of Trumpā€™s presidency –and I don’t believe it’s going to be terribly long that we have left before the Rapture- because of this next presidency we will still retain some greatness we just will not be the leading Empire. For more on end time Bible prophecy and more commentaries like this on what’s happening in the news, Subscribe to my channel Prophecy Talk today.

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