Emmanuel Macron Wins- Another End Time Bible Prophecy Sign

Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency today as I had predicted he would based on end timeĀ Bible prophecy because a Marine Le Pen win would have possibly meant the end of the European Union and it would have put a wrench in the development of the EU.
With all of the other signs that are falling into place she could not have won and the EU go forward, so my pick was Emmanuel Macron who is a globalist, a European Federalist and is going to be committed to European unity and the European Union going forward.

This is a huge win for the European Union today especially after Brexit. Emmanuel Macron is pro EU and whoever he is going to appoint as a Prime Minister will also most likely be a pro EU person.

This is significant as the EU is right now since the 60th anniversary at a crossroads and has made the decision to go forward with greater unity. Now they are going to have the full-fledged commitment of France because of the French presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

He is a possibility for one of the 10 Kings that is highlighted in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel, so stay tuned for more end time Bible prophecy as Macronā€™s presidency unfolds and he makes various decisions that affect the EU. Expect France now to become a powerhouse for European integration under Emmanuel Macron. I anticipate that Macron will also help to fix certain problems within the French economy and help to propel that economy forward as well.

Ā What does this now mean for the United States? If the EU goes forward the US is going to need to adjust to this powerful European Union that is going to be coming on the scene and surpassing the US in power.

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