About Erika Grey

Established International Journalist.

Acclaimed Geopolitical Analyst.

European / World Political Insider.

Eschatology and Biblical Prophecy Author.

Geo-political Insider

Erika Grey is a trailblazing evangelical Christian author, journalist, and commentator, renowned for her unparalleled expertise in Biblical Eschatology and geopolitical analysis. Her groundbreaking work has raised the bar for excellence in this field, cementing her position as the foremost authority.

With a unique and unmatched blend of knowledge and insight, Erika Grey is a singular voice in the evangelical Christian community. Her comprehensive and perceptive work has made her the go-to expert in this field, setting her apart from others.

Erika has had the privilege of meeting and interviewing numerous high-level politicians and experts from the EU and beyond, further solidifying her expertise. Her seminal book, The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, is a standout among her extensive catalog of prophecy books.

Erika’s expertise has been featured on various radio stations across the US, Canada, and Europe, including a spotlight interview on Coast-to-Coast radio. Today, she continues to deliver fearless and astute commentary on global political developments as the host of The Twist News.

Biblical Prophecy Scholar

With her start in her interest of reporting world affairs in light of Bible Prophecy she established herself as the only female evangelical Bible Prophecy Expert & Analyst on the national stage providing a geopolitcal perspective. The author of many books, she provides an important voice in Eschatology and is listed in Sound Christian’s Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy.

Erika has been cited in articles in the New Yorker and the Christian Post, among many other publications.

Acclaimed Author

As the author of an astonishing 14 books on Biblical Prophecy, Erika is clearly an expert in her field.

“I have already read your ‘Decoding the Number of the Beast,’ ‘The Antichrist of Revelation’

and ‘The Seat of the Antichrist.’ All three books are brilliant!”

– HE Count Christian d’ Andlau Hombourg, former Secretary General of Paneuropa.