EU ARMY This is the Time To Get Things Done- Mogherini

An EU Army is a key development in Bible Prophecy because the European Union is the final world empire and every empire has an army.  During the Tribulation we see this army surround Jerusalem and conquer nations and those predictions are very clear.  

The development of an EU army provides another piece that shows us we are getting closer to the end.

A very sophisticated plan is underway for the formation of the EU army, EU Vice President Frederica Mogherini in this video states that after 60 years the EU has finally completed what they set out to do years ago and that their motto is “Now is the time to get things done.” With this army will come a geopolitical shift and more unfolding of end time Bible Prophecy .

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Frederica Mogherini explains in this next clip that the no. 1 priority for EU citizens is to have and EU army and this in part is the reason that the EU army is going forward.

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EU President Frederica Mogherinin talks about the shocking speed at which the EU army is coming about in this next clip.

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In this next clip, EU Vice President Frederica Mogherini addresses the critics who one year ago said the EU would fall apart and states that the EU is now far beyond collapse. She refers to the EU army as a bold move forward and more. 

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