EU Commission President to Gain More Visibility on World Stage

 In my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union I explain how the EU Commission is the power center of the EU and its President runs the Union.

The EU Commission President holds the most powerful leadership position within the EU governmental structure yet the spot has little visibility on the world stage. Representing 27 member states with a population of over 500 million, one would expect the head of the empire to have been more in the spotlight.

This seat will launch the Antichrist because all of the powers that the Antichrist will have fit this position and we know that the EU is the final world empire described by Daniel the Prophet and John in the Revelation. When the Antichrist enters this position, no one will know that he is the Antichrist who has been long predicted in Bible Prophecy. He will gain his position through deceit. This means that he will seem like every other EU politician and will appear to favor the same causes they promote.

In my book the Seat of the Antichrist: I provide the fine details. I explain how the book of Daniel describes the Antichrist’s political seat as a “little horn” because it is relatively new in comparison to the ten kings (big horns) who come from the established kingdoms.¬†¬†The Bible‚Äôs description of this little horn which rises among the established kings and grows so big and great it reaches to the heavens parallel with its position today.

The EU Commission President does not have prominence on the world stage. The position is relatively low key and not recognized, which does not take from its importance.  The EU Commission Presidency is so unrecognized, that when the Associated Press ran an article on Herman Van Rompuy, when he was first appointed as president of the European Council, after the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty, which created his presidency, the Associated Press writer thought that his presidency would now run the European Union.

In fact, there are five different presidents within the EU‚Äôs institutions; the EU Parliament has a President as does the EU Court of Justice–also an EU governing body.¬†¬† Borroso, the current EU Commission President at the time told the media that it was not Van Rompuy whose number Washington will call but the Commission President i.e.¬†his number.¬†¬† This question originated from a comment by Henry Kissinger years ago about the US phoning one number in the EU during a world crisis. The EU has one number to phone in the US: our president.¬† The Associated Press did not have its facts right on the EU’s institutions and Borroso corrected them. This mistake was easily made because of how low key ¬†and unrecognized the EU Commission President is on the world stage.

We know that the Antichrist’s position allows him a lot of recognition and a platform to speak and get his deceptive speeches known to the world.¬†¬† It is only a matter of time before the EU Commission Presidency gains more recognition ‚Äďand his horn begins to grow‚ÄĒas he gains more power and recognition. Based on a couple of recent decisions within the EU, it looks like this platform is now being prepared,¬† The EU Commission President had its first “State of the Union” address (set up by the Lisbon treaty) which is identical to our State of the Union Address which is televised.¬†,

According to the EU the Commission is making changes which will beef up their presence and get their political message out and make sure the Commission President gets the proper coverage and credit and becomes personally known to the masses.

It is mind boggling with as large as the EU has become and as powerful its economy despite its financial crisis that it possesses such little recognition by its own citizen, the media and the world. President Obama has about 45 million likes on his facebook page in a country with a population of 312 million and Jean Claude Juncker the current Commission President has 33k likes in population of 508 million.   This lack of recognition at this time also fits in with Bible Prophecy and the forecasts prophecy in the Bible because if the EU had great recognition it would not lend to the fulfillment of the prophecy in the book of Daniel, which you will have to read my upcoming Magi report to learn the details.

Never-the-less, the aim to give the Commission Presidency more recognition fits with Bible Prophecy because when the Antichrist gets into power he will ¬†have world recognition. ¬†So while the political seat having little recognition fits with Bible Prophecy’s forecasts, it will need to have some recognition to lead to even greater recognition that will occur during the Tribulation or the earth’s last days, in which the Antichrist will provide the spark that ignites the battle at Armageddon.

Also For more on the EU and Bible Prophecy read my book The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and The European Union.


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