EU Empire:-EU INTCEN- Its Intelligence Arm

The EU officially established its intelligence agency akin to the US’s CIA and Israeli Mossad. The EU originally named it SITCEN after Situation Central. No world empire would be complete without one and it was only a matter of time before the EU would establish its garden variety.   We know from Scripture that under the Antichrist this agency will act more like the Nazi SS and former KGB.

The origins of SITCEN first trace back to the now defunct Western European Union, an embryo European army, which in 1998 set up SITCEN as a structure working exclusively on open-source intelligence.¬† It both evolved and merged with the Counter Terrorist Group established in 2001 after the September 11 terrorist attacks. It was the brain child of the Club de Berne, a group which brought together the heads of the EU Members States‚Äô security and intelligence services, plus Norway and Switzerland to discuss intelligence and security matters. The Counter Terrorist Group (CTG), created by the Club of Berne, would act as the interface between the EU and the Heads of Member States’ security and intelligence services on terrorist matters.

Since the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States, the fight against terrorism is became a major focus of European societal and political interest. The attacks in Madrid (2004) and London (2005) and several foiled attacks made clear that Europe itself was also a target for the international Jihadists.The European Union reacted on the new terrorist threat with an ‚Äėunprecedented wave of policy interventions. ¬†New counter terrorist agencies and structures were created in the wake of the attacks on top of already existing structures, and the latter were furbished with new and special competences in the field of counter terrorism. Thus came the further evolution of SITCEN the EU Joint Situation Centre (SITCEN.)

In January 2007 the SIAC (Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity) formed and further strengthened SITCEN. This body formed by the juxtaposition of SITCEN and the Intelligence Division of the EU Military Staff is responsible for the collection and dissemination of military intelligence within the EU. The intelligence it provides is global, complete, cross-checked and confirmed.

On 27 July 2010, SITCEN integrated into the EU‚Äôs European External Action Service which began operating on 26 July 2010 and thus became the EU‚Äôs official intelligence arm. The EEAS is a European Union Department established by the Lisbon Treaty on December 1, 2009 which serves as the EU‚Äôs foreign ministry and diplomatic corps.¬† The EEAS is under the authority of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR), a post also created by the Lisbon Treaty which is similar to the US‚Äôs Secretary of State. The EEAS will manage the EU’s response to crises and have intelligence capabilities and control the Situation Center (SITCEN.)

According to EuroPolice, whose article Crisis Response to the Haiti Earthquake-An EU SITCEN Perspective  recaps how the SITCEN worked during the Haiti Earthquake:
The EU SITCEN Duty Officer received the first news alert about the Haiti earthquake at 23.01 CET (Central European Time) on 12 January 2010. Following procedures, he called the SITCEN Crisis Response Manager (an experienced SITCEN official who was on stand-by), who made the assessment that the catastrophic earthquake could also be politically significant for the EU. The EU‚Äôs High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (HR), Catherine Ashton, was alerted about what had happened shortly after midnight… With the agreement of the High Representative, two EU SITCEN personnel were despatched to Haiti to gather information, (with a focus on nonhumanitarian issues) and to help the EU Presidency deal with consular issues.

In 2012, SITCEN was officially renamed European Union Intelligence Analysis Centre (EU INTCEN).

The¬†EU Intelligence Analysis Centre¬†(EU INTCEN) ¬†is the intelligence body of the European Union (EU) akin to the US’s CIA. ¬†

Since January 2011, the EU INTCEN is part of the¬†European External Action Service eEAS,under the authority of the EU’s High Representative, which also serves as an EU Commission Vice president.¬†
EU INTCEN’s mission is to provide intelligence analysis, early warning and situational awareness to the High Representative i.e. Vice president¬†and to the European External Action Service, to the various EU decision making bodies in the fields of the Common Security and Foreign Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy and Counter-Terrorism, as well as to the EU Member States.

The EU now has its own intelligence arm aiding in the protection of its political interests.  For Bible Prophecy watchers this is one more peg in the board of developments that bring us closer to the start of the Rapture and start of the Tribulation as we watch the EU empire evolve before our very eyes into the final world empire described by Daniel the prophet and John in the Revelation.

Now, before you get too excited, while the EU now officially has INTCEN, and it makes it in the ranks of Bible Prophecy news, the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy is weak. ¬†Again for those of us who watch Bible Prophecy it is a major development that it is in existence, but it is an area that we must continue watching to see how it will evolve. At present the EU’s CFSP has no world recognition and is fragmented. ¬†The Nation States or Member States within the EU forge ahead with their own CFSP decisions and these make the news.

These are very exciting times in Bible Prophecy as we see the EU evolve into the empire predicted in the book of Daniel and the Revelation.

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