EU Empire Punching Up To Its Weight in World Institutions

At the European Union Summit on September 16, 2010, where EU leaders gathered to discuss their helping the EU build a more common foreign policy, Council President HermanVan Rumpuy stated that the 27 nation bloc which accounts for 22 percent of the world economy “is punching below its weight.” He prompted leaders to discuss their common foreign policy message and deliver it effectively.  This same comment was made at a speech at the Federalist Reserve in 2003 by Former Ambassador Guenter Burghardt who headed the delegation of the European Union in the US, that the EU was punching far below its weight.

Former Belgian Prime Minister and ALDE group leader within the EU Parliament Guy Verhofstadt stated in his article, “The Financial Crisis Three Ways out for Europe,” that the start of the Great Recession in 2008 marked the end of the bipolar world dominated by the US and is the official start of a mulitpolar world and the age of empires to which the non imperial EU exists as one of the poles.  No doubt the EU with over 500 million citizens is punching below its weight and is on a crusade for the world’s nations to feel its weight.

For Bible prophecy watchers these are exciting times when we get to watch prophecy unfold before our very eyes and can also get specific on what we are watching.   Having said that, with this multipolor shift and the new age of empires the EU is determined to throw its weight around on the world stage.

The question is how will this impact its status in the current world institutional structure? The Economist predicted in the early 1990’s that the EU would end up by virtue of its size with the greatest say in the world institutions, but not so easy, at the IMF where several EU nations hold individual seats they should have one seat.  Some politicians stated that given the size of the EU the many seats are justified. There is talk of reforming the IMF to reflect the new economic powerhouses. Argentina is one of the countries pushing hard for reform.

The EU is also pushing hard to upgrade its status at the UN to put it on par with the quasi –states such as the Vatican and Palestine, they want the UN to recognize their new unified foreign policy enacted in the recent Lisbon treaty.   The resolution, if adopted, would give the EU its own seat and nameplate in UN General Assembly chamber and committees and allow it to take part in debates and co-sponsor resolutions — but not vote. The EU foreign policy chief, will be able to address the UN on behalf of the EU.

As a regional organization, the EU only holds observer status that relegates it to the end of the speakers’ list and denies it a seat. The EU as a grouping is not a UN member and its delegates sit alongside entities such as the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Arab League.  EU diplomats concede that it will be “problematic” to demand upgraded status for the EU at the UN, an organization of nation states.  On September 15, 2010,the UN General Assembly defeated the resolution that would have granted the EU extra rights in its proceedings.  This decision embarrassed the EU.   Its status as an organization of nation states and a regional grouping which lies at the core of the EU’s strength is a stumbling block to its making its weight felt in institutions created in a bipolar world run by superpowers versus empires.

There is another issue that comes with the EU having a single seat at the UN, the two permanent members, one being France and the other the UK.  An excellent article by Commander Rick Denny argues that France should give up its seat and be replaced by the EU. France is not a significant enough world power to have its own seat.  There is also the issue of the UK which is not going to give up its seat with the nationalists dominating its politics and talk of a possible BREXIT.

During my interview with EU chief architect Andrew Duff, I brought up the UN question. Andrew Duff oversaw the drafting of the Fundamental Law Treaty to amend Lisbon and forge the EU into a federal government.

Here is the expert from my interview on blogactiv eu: EU Constitution Belongs to the Citizen-interview with Andrew Duff.

Erika Grey
I want to ask you some questions about what I see as inconsistencies in the Fundamental Law. The Fundamental Law or “the Law of the Union.” reclassifies Member States as States and its aim is to establish full-fledged Federal Union. Yet, in several areas it reverts back to the nation state having preeminence such as in the UN…Once the Fundamental Law establishes the EU as a United States of Europe and it is a federal union, wouldn’t the States that hold seats in the Security Council cease to exist as sovereign nations and have to withdraw from the Security Council, such as West Germany, Czechoslovakia? The follow up question to that is, once the Fundamental Law is established and the EU achieves political union wouldn’t the federalized EU need to submit a new application to the UN and apply as a member because it will be an actual government for the people?
Yes, I think that one’s not to preempt or preclude from anything happening in the years to come. The problem in the present treaties is it is very prohibited to what you can’t do, what you mustn’t do.
What I want to do is to create a treaty- constitutional treaty -that is more permissive that will permit the development of a common foreign security and defense policy in its time and as circumstances permit.
If I had sought at this stage to prescribe the abolition of the permanent seats of France and the UK in the Security Council of the UN- in the absence of any larger reform of the UN, incidentally, which is a different issue but an associated one- I think that would have been considered to be rather absurd. One has to be pragmatic.  One can have aspirations.  One can have clear objectives, but I think that in the means to achieve a common international policy, one has to recognize it’s going to take time. It’s going to take process.  There is going to be a process of integration as simulation of building trust between the States of the EU in each other’s diplomacy-sharing intelligence’s-but treatment is a very sensitive issue.

From Andrew Duff’s statement we learn that even in the EU’s next treaty the France and the UK will still hold their seats, but on the other hand, Mr. Duff does not rule it out and he also mentions that the UN itself needs to reform. This is because the UN structure was for the old geopolitical framework but we are now in a  multipolar world with regional economic groupings.

It is my speculation based on the size and power of the Empire described by the Prophet Daniel and by John in the Revelation that the EU will obtain its own seat in the UN and will be the empire to take the lead.

The EU will succeed, we know this from the prophetic forecasts concerning the Final World Empire, or would it be more correct to call it a Final World Non -Imperial Empire.  Bible Prophecy Watchers will want to keep an eye on how the EU-UN saga will play out and how the EU will punch up to its weight.

For more on the EU and Bible Prophecy read my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union.

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