EU Empire Rising EU Nuclear Program Proposed

In showing that the EU is forming into the World Power, predicted in end time Bible Prophecy, -and I say the EU because it is the revived Roman Empire- the EU will be the leading Empire.

 I have relayed quite a bit of information on the forming European Union army because this proves my point that the EU is a forming Empire that proves the accuracy of the predictions in Bible Prophecy.  This next development shocked me and I did not see it coming and it is unbelievable but also makes a lot of sense of the next direction for the European Union in building a European army and defense program.
This is for the EU to have its own nuclear capability.  According to the New York Times France’s arsenal would be repurposed to protect the rest of Europe in part a reaction to Trump’s presidency. In July a German review concluded that a European nuclear weapons program spearheaded by France’s weapons would be legal. According to DW, Poland called for a Nuclear Weapons program for Europe.
The idea of a nuclear weapon program for the EU has been floated since the start of this year and the idea had enough merit to prompt a study.  It was actually first proposed in 2010  and more widely accepted this year.   
This is big news for the EU Empire, that’s right the rising EU Empire and I never even considered that this empire would have its own nuclear capability, but it only makes sense that if it is going to become the greatest most powerful empire on earth it will need to have its own nukes. This is big news for the EU and Bible Prophecy. I will be reporting on this story as it develops, for the moment it seems contingent on the US and NATO, but when it was first proposed in 2010 the analysts considered it as part of the European Union defense and asked, “Could and should a ‘European nuclear deterrent’ be envisaged as the final stage in the framing of a European defense?
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