EU Empire-The Formation of the Spinelli Group

At this time when the EU is at the crossroads of punching up to its weight, making its presidency more visible on the world stage and implementing the various details of the Lisbon Treaty, meant to transform the EU into a political power, the Spinelli Group of federalists recently formed with the intention of driving the EU forward politically.

The cast of names comes as no surprise, because several of its founders are leading federalists within the European Union.  It is headed by Guy Verhofstadt who also heads the ALDE group of liberals in the EU Parliament.  He stated in his article,  “The Financial Crisis Three Ways Out For Europe,” that the start of the Great Recession in 2008 ended the US’s lead role in a bipolar world and ushered in a multipolar world and Age of Empires for which the EU exists as one of its poles. Age of  Empires lines exactly with Bible Prophecy and what is predicted by prophecy in the Bible. The prophet Daniel predicted a final world empire that will lead to the events leading to the end of the world.

European federalists aim is to overcome nationalism and promote federalism across Europe.    Federalism teaches that the nation state is not in line with evolutionary advance of the world state, that the nation state is a traditional form of government because today’s problems effect the entire globe and world governmental institutions can combat these problems effectively.  The EU provides the perfect model.  The world state again fits in with Bible Prophecy. So what we see happening is the European Union falling into place as the final world empire in Bible Prophecy and evolving into the age described in the books of Daniel and the Revelation.  The one world theme is a big one for Bible Prophecy watchers because of the mentions of the whole world taking the mark of the beast and the whole work seeing the events recorded in the book of Revelation.  European federalism with its one world aim fits.

The Spinelli Group wants to put pressure on the Member States to establish a federal Europe. A federal Europe means one with a federal US style government. With the EU having a government it is now a full fledged political power and by so becoming will further align with Bible Prophecy.

On the agenda is the formation of a European army. In my book The Seat of The Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union, an entire chapter is devoted to the Federalist movement and its impact on the formation of the European Union. The Spinelli group named after EU Founder Alterio Spinelli who Europeans regard as the EU’s Godfather.  Spinelli was a founding father of the EU and of the European Federalist movement in Milan.  A former member of the European Commission for five years and a member of the European Parliament for ten years right up until his death in 1986.  During the 1980’s, Spinelli succeeded in getting the Parliament to adopt a draft treaty on European Union, which lay the foundation for the Maastrict treaty.  The main building of the European Parliament bears his name along with the Spinelli group, which aims to aggressively promote federalism across the EU.  The Spinelli group’s roster reads as a who’s who in the European Federalist movement and these men are moved by God Himself to bring about the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

The Spinelli group invites European Union citizens to sign the manifesto in which “more Europe” is the answer to the problems that Europe faces.  In addition their aim is to accelerate the integration process along federalist lines and the Spinelli group has organized the Shadow group to influence the national politicians of EU interests before European Council meetings.

From a prophetic perspective we know this group will influence and succeed because there is coming a day when the EU will have world rule. One can look to the future Bible prophecy predicts and look back to groups such as these and see their significance.     The formation of the group could not be timelier as the EU is at a crossroads and this writer will report on their evolution into the greatest, strongest empire to have ever existed.

It should be noted that before anyone is critical of European federalists, the United State’s founding fathers like the European Federalists wanted to build a union of States to improve their world, both founded  on democracy.   The United States based the Constitution on Christian principles and the EU was based on Catholic teachings and Christian principles. The main thrust for the formation of the European Community was the devastation left from two world wars.  The US formed by those who left persecution and Europe which did not allow them religious freedom. The Spinelli group wants to ensure that the EU forms along federalist lines and these line with Bible Prophecy. For this reason we will want to keep focused on this group and the progress they make toward their goal. From Bible Prophecy I can tell you that their goal will be achieved. Only the federalists will have no idea of the end of the story that Bible Prophecy provides to us. In the same way that the federalist who founded the United States who all had good intentions could not see the evils that later came from the union they had formed.

For more on the final world empire, read my book the Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union.

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