Europe-The Future To Come-Federal Union Explained

During this interview with Andrew Duff we get a look into the European Union’s future through the changes to the EU treaty that Andrew Duff himself drafted in the Fundamental Law. The question asked to Mr. Duff deals with the status of the nation State.

Andrew Duff states that the next treaty, the one he has already drafted become the European Union’s constitution, but that the constitution belongs to the EU Citizen. Tune in for the video to hear the details of what lies ahead for EU citizens. The transcript of this video is typed below. For more on the EU’s future from Andrew Duff who is helping to write it, stay tuned in this playlist.
Erika Grey
The nation states play a significant role in the EU’s political evolution and have derailed its momentum and progress at times, does this change with Fundamental Law? Or will the nation state still?
Andrew Duff
Yes, I mean I think the fundamental law displays or it illustrates what a federal union would be like. The States are still there they still play and important part especially as the component of the second chamber of the legislature. And they still of course in critical issues of global strategy for instance the Ukrainian crisis now, the States and especially the prime ministers and presidents of the larger States have a important part to play in such a global crisis, but they aren’t in the federal prospectus that Iā€™ve put forward. As it were the masters of the treaties, the treaties become a constitution and the constitution belongs to the citizen, which has popular sovereignty, to own the treaty construct, which at present it does not. Itā€™s now up to lawyers and diplomats, we want to bring the exercise closer to the people so that there is a sense of identity with the government of the union that in present people just donā€™t have.
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Europe-The Future To Come-Federal Union Explained

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