Evangelical Censorship? God’s Hand

Bible Prophecy news sites and Evangelical commentators are screaming censorship of Conservative news and this is not what is occurring. What is taking place is the elimination of fake news, and conspiracy’s which no facts support, are unproven and cannot be verified.  Those who share these lies are crying censorship on Facebook because their political posts are no longer featured. Zuckerberg has gotten himself in quite a bit of hot water with the European Union, which took action in its Digital Services Act. This just signed off Act will shake up the internet and puts the EU in the lead over the United States in this area. The EU’s Member State’s elections faced serious issues because of fake news. According to the EU they consider these social networks publishers.  They made it law that these platforms must police their sites for false information or face steep fines.  As a result, Zuckerberg has now changed the direction of Facebook to no longer feature political content.

In addition, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have cracked down on conspiracy theories and eliminated their accounts. What added impetus to their action was the insurrection at the Capital spearheaded by former President Trump.  His accounts were literally closed. The European Union was outraged that these platforms would censor anyone like this, in their opinion, governments should make the decision on who gets shut down.

Evangelicals are essentially crying censorship over their fake news feeds. In addition to lies from their false prophets.  They think their conservative voice is being silenced. Most people are gullible and do not know a good news source from a bad one. They do not even bother to check. What makes matters worse is the teachers of Bible Prophecy news do not research the topics they teach about. Unfortunately, many Evangelicals read the the same news and all sound similar. They mirror exact phrases and label everyone.  If you are a Democrat, you are a liberal and evil.  These unknowingly uninformed think the world rises and falls around the US and do not have a clue to what goes in outside of it.

Moreover, these falsehoods which include Q Anon and the Chinese Cult Falun Gong’s Epic Time’s conspiracies form the crux of their Bible Prophecy news and analysis. Both have no place associated with any of God’s Word.  Unfortunately, Facebook only exploded the lies and false hoods. Meanwhile real news and analysis is bypassed.

As Jesus said, His flock are sheep who are easily lead astray. These have certainly been in the area of Bible Prophecy news and in their pursuit of news from a conservative viewpoint. Censorship is the best thing that can happen to these deceived Evangelicals. This is no doubt the hand of God if Satan had his way these lies would continue.

With the EU’s Digital Services law and internet giants now removing fake news, and not giving visibility to the ones that remain, it is God Himself opening the red sea to speak by silencing many of the false prophets. They will soon visibly see the real prophecy news they missed. As we are nearing the time of the end God will allow the message to become clearer. Bible prophecy news up until now has been so conflicted with numerous theories and lies.

It has always been shocking to me that as the European Union has been evolving into a powerful empire, it has done so under the eye of the self-proclaimed watchmen.  Instead, they reported on the falsehoods. But, soon they will visibly see what the lies blinded them from seeing, the Beast of Revelation as it is beginning to rise.